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Glad you like them and thanks so much for the support! <3

this looks too cute, awesome work!

Hi everyone! If you got the chanc to play Path of Kami remember to leave a rating and let us know what you think! It helps a ton!

Kazeyo says woof woof! *i think that means yes!*

We haven't added the load system/ new game here's how you can get a new game or playthrough:

  • Go to where the game was downloaded (upon download if you didn't specify a download location this would be on your local disk C:)
  • Follow this path in explorer: C:\Users\<COMPUTER USERNAME HERE>\AppData\Local\Path_of_Kami
  • Delete "Saved" Folder

After deleting folder reload the game it will now have "new game" option

Hi everyone! We've found there's a game-breaking bug with the cubes and save system. This can happen if you stop the game while holding a cube, on game reload the cube is gone and you can't move forward with finishing the puzzles. We're looking into this and will push a fix soon!

The only way to go around it right now is to start a fresh game you can do this by deleting the save files in the app data.
You can find that here: C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Path_of_Kami

If you have any trouble let us know!

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks so much for playing and appreciate the feedback! Will work on turning animations :)

Hello! If you like puzzle exploration games check out our game Path of Kami!

Game Page

yea we are, $2 away!!

Hello! If you're still looking for games we just published thePath of Kami Demo, its a relaxing puzzle adventure following a spirit of a Japanese wolf thats on a journey.

If you're into discord the Indie World Order discord is pretty awesome, also agree with reddit, Game Jolt and IndieDB!

Path of Kami Demo

Path of Kami Demo

Hi everyone! Path of Kami is a relaxing puzzle exploration game following a wolf on an adventure. Along the way you solve puzzles and explore various areas.

You can check out the game page here.

Looks pretty cool!

Looks awesome thanks for sharing!