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captain joystick

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Just such a blast to play. Nailed the shooting, movement, SFX, animations...everything! And I love the in-universe continuation from a prior jam game. 11/10!

Love the movement, destruction animations, and exhilaration I get through the game's flow!

The Curdle Jams happen monthly, so maybe you can join next time!

Okay, I've nerfed the player fire rate and added some flowers for easier navigation. Thanks again Evil!

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Thanks Evil!

-Yeah, unfortunately my enemy AI script uses transforms to move, so it doesn't take collision into account. I don't know how to do pathfinding and didn't have the time for this jam.

-The camp turrets are meant to make recapturing a camp significantly easier/allow you to farm the enemies around them, just to clarify.

-Nerfing the player fire rate (it's at 600 RPM as of the time of this comment) and adding some environmental objects to the map for navigation are great ideas, I'll see if I can reupload a build with those changes.

Stressful, polished, and fun  - great work!

If Geoff Keighley doesn't put this for GOTY 2021 I don't know what he's doin

Thanks! I've been thinking maybe I should have added the pillars heating up or something occasionally.

Thank Addy! Your game was absolutely terrific too!

I really love the core mechanic and how it changes up how you typically approach a platformer like this! Great art and music too!

Really fun and frantic! I especially like how the music tended to get more intense during hectic situations!

This might be the greatest game I've ever played. Like, THE greatest. Like, I'm going to tell my grandkids of the day that I played this game. Tales will be told of it's legend, even past the days of the apocalypse, the Earth being succumbed to the sun's raw fiery power, and perhaps even past the heat death of the universe. This game aligned all my chakras in such a way that I saw the futility of our own lives, witnessing them all running their courses in an instant. I saw...transcendence. What we shall become, and what we shall leave behind.

Thank you! The Sweet Home Alabama cover was made by, but he won't be getting a raise because none of us get paid at all.

The sense of exploration in this game and the gradual transformation from light puzzle elements to a cooperative race to the end was a sight to behold. The use of the aesthetic in the design of the world is also such an impressive feat. Overall an incredible game for such a short development timespan.

The level is really well designed, allowing for a lot of skill to be applied in getting around by nailing those jumps. It really put a lot of tension in my playthrough.

Hilarious experience, definitely a lot of fun with a friend!

Great job with the animations, and the pacing in introducing the controls and features!