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Demonic cats are running amok. Send them back to Hell!
Submitted by Mr Afroduck (@Mr_Afroduck), StraightUpGruntled — 2 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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AfroDoom's page

Team Members
Mr_Afroduck - Code, Music, Sprite Art, Animation, Sfx, Design
StraightUpGruntled - Code, 3D models, Sprite Art, Animation, Sfx, Design

Other Assets Used
All code, art & audio was made by us
Everything except the font: (amazdoom)

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Game has Music (non-copyright)

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Game does not have Voice Acting

Theme Usage
Granny Curdle has been up to no good and unleashed Hell on Earth. The cat's out of the bag now, and the demon-cat problem needs solving.
Also, you have to destroy large 'hell-sacks' which release more demonic cats, literally letting the cats out of the 'bag'.

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I haven't played yet but the cover art and premise made me go Heck yeeeeeeeeesssssss


Just such a blast to play. Nailed the shooting, movement, SFX, animations...everything! And I love the in-universe continuation from a prior jam game. 11/10!