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Me before this: Oh a fun little game haha.
Me after this: Shake? Hand? Handshake! Many guys, shake. Hand shake. Give shake? Shake!

These updates have addressed a lot of the issues I ran in the game, I'm really grateful!

  • Dash is now nice and smooth, no sudden "teleport" feeling.
  • Faster sword swing sounds great and increased the DPS, making it a more valuable weapon.
  • Magazine count AND manual reload, great stuff.

I would still like to see a few particular improvements, primarily that hitting Q brings up the jointed throwing blades even if you don't have them out. It's a hassle to swap to blades then hit Q to bring them up.

Also, it'd be nice to have a screenshaker control. With how fast the pistols fire, it can be a bit motion-sickening to have that constant camera "pulse" every time you use them.

Excellent work and keep at it, I'm constantly coming back to this demo and I love seeing that notification of new updates.

Add my game.

Amazing, thank you so much!

I've been making this tabletop card RPG for about 2 years and recently wanted to try out some rule changes to it to make it a bit more goal-based instead of an open-ended party game. Would it be okay to submit it to the jam with the new rules? It's got tons of randomization in the form of drawn and hidden cards (like, a ton, there's over 2500 possible stories you can tell.)

Loopy Lore is a co-op storytelling card RPG with zero math where friends build worlds and tell tales. Players create a group goal, known as the ending of the story, at the beginning of the game, using just their cards and imagination. Their goal is to tell a story and realize said ending. If they are able to do that before all cards on the table have been used, the group wins the game.

Flip a card, read its content and spin your tale. However, all cards are randomly placed, so players have to figure out how to make them fit the story, no matter how crazy it may get. How would you, a blood-thirsty viking warrior, sneak into a wedding while being mobbed by lemurs? Choose a card and find out!

We could go on and tell you about some of the great features of this game: over 300 unique cards, 2500+ story combinations, dozens of Plot Twists to throw the story for a loop, but we'll leave you with this quote:

Check the game out right now on our itch page:

Click here to Play Loopy Lore: Print & Play Edition