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this is very moody and cute. you might want to consider turning the 'near clipping plane' in the camera like waaaay down. i want to look at things up close but if i get too close they don't render!

oop immediately fell off the map haha

the sound cues ~

thanks for resolving that crash, i finished the first chapter tonight! that was just the right amount of creepy and felt really tight all the way through.

one thing i noticed was i never really used any of my trait options, just because both of the traits i chose (spiritual and street smart) were more action-y traits- but all of the gameplay in this chapter was highly social. like whenever one of the choices was trait-specific it felt like very antisocial behavior so i never used it, but since this was kind of a passive episode i never got to do anything cool with the active side of my traits, if that makes sense. i'm sure once the plot gets more involved those traits will become more useful, but for now it always felt like i was waiting to use them.

all the art and music for this is excellent, obviously. and the writing and character design all felt really cohesive and on-theme. i'm curious to see how you do sequels for such a variable game, like do you plan on always resolving to similar plot states or are you gonna try to integrate systems that are able to see your old save files and maintain continuity between episodes? i'm excited to see where this series is going~

cool thanks!

i have a save right before the crash happens, you just have to choose the 'worry' option. i can probably extract the save file if that's helpful but i'm not sure where to find it

it actually just quits out to the main menu, no crash report. i'm running catalina 10.15.6

i'm running on mac and it happens when you talk to stella in town  and say you're worried about your cousin. it goes through the whole dialogue but crashes before a new option prompt appears

oh no! the exact same crash happened! it was a weird half-crash that didn't crash the app but just put me back on the main menu

well this is delightful so far, excited to have a seasonal game! it did just crash and apparently does not auto save so that's a bummer but i wasn't very far in

i think i did this one through forkphorus?

yea i meant it to be annoying and tedious, i think i may have been a little too harsh lol. you can buy better bait in the shop

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are there any plans for a mac port

weirdly i think my favorite parts are the big open areas without platforming, i just like the art style and ambiance, especially the little park at the end. would love to see something with more focus on those kinds of spaces- they look super good in this palette

glad you enjoyed! you really never know with grind games haha

the platforming is jank but like on-par jank for first person unity rigidbody platforming haha

hey this is really cute

me disfruté, pero el estado de fracaso es un poco confuso

this is cute! i like the yellow pipe motif, it's clean but iconic. i wish the controls were a little more responsive

this has deep 2013 scratch energy, really pleasant. would love to see more ideation on this

yoooo this is really good

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you can share level codes here! here's a little demo village i made


okay but i like the art and music a LOT

oh okay, i can see that. sometimes the mouse seems to climb sideways or backwards which threw me off

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this is a cute idea! seems like the collision algorithm is running really slowly? like instead of solving the collision all at once it does it slowly over like a full second?

thanks so much! yea the doorway thing you mentioned is actually a stairway so you go in and out the same direction. i couldn't really come up with a smooth way of conveying that ;y

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yo this is adorable and the moon is VERY GOOD

i kind of wish the walls were as bouncy as the floor it feels a little weird rn


hooooo that's some good sound design

this is neat~

i feel like it would benefit from some more easy enemies early on. it kind of feels like it's equating 'easy' with 'less enemies' which just  slows down the early game. also picking up money would be a lot more satisfying if you had a bigger collection range, having to physically touch individual coins feels bad in large volumes.