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I would love to do that. I've been thinking about updating this game for a while, but I'm working on something new right now.

The shapeshifting is so useful that I usually grab those skills on whatever class I'm playing. Ranger is still my favorite though. They're pretty overpowered :)

Thanks for the kind words. It's free for a few reasons, mainly because some of the assets can't be used commercially.

No dungeon maps, I'm afraid!

Hi there, no such mechanic exists but there is an artifact that allows you to look more closely at enemies.

Great to hear! Sorry about Baal, he really is a pain. Just keep an eye out for a way to avoid his Inferno attack completely.

Thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks for sharing! Glad you're enjoying the game.

The Noxious Cavern has a few secrets of its own (but probably nothing worthwhile for your Rogue at this point, judging by those screenshots!)

As for the last Armor Core, you'll just have to do some digging around...

Hi rsalus!

Have you tried standing on a sigil after Diabolos casts Curse of Doom?

Yeah, sounds like a false positive. If you're still concerned, you can try the .zip version instead.

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Glad you're enjoying it! And the Guide was fun to work on. The initial release about a month ago didn't have a manual of any kind, but I really felt the game needed it. It also gives it even more of an old-school feel.

By the way, not sure if you discovered this, but you can purchase more torches at the inn in the first town. Not very intuitive, I know, but I completely forgot to include a merchant who sold them there and ended up giving them to the innkeeper instead.

Ah, great to hear! And thanks for supporting us!

Hi there, no they are not.

I thought maybe the 1366x768 resolution was causing the issue, but I tested it on a laptop with the same res and it worked (fullscreen only). No clue what's going on, but it is an outdated engine.

Thanks for trying to help out, though. I appreciate it!

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I'm sorry you're having trouble. I've had one similar report so far and I have no idea why this happens on some systems. I'm running it fine with Intel HD Graphics, so I don't think that's the issue.

What's your screen resolution? The game runs in 1024x768 and defaults to windowed mode as long as your screen supports it (width must exceed 1024 and height must exceed 768). Fullscreen will be forced to "on" otherwise.

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Version 1.1 (Released 8/13/2016)

  • Increased amount of initial gold for new characters.
  • Added a "Quicksave" option to the Quit menu, which was previously only available by hotkey. Hotkeys for quicksaving and loading your quicksave/autosave have been removed. You can now load your quicksave/autosave right from the load game menu.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where in some instances an enemy would disappear from combat when another successfully fled.
  • Fixed issue where extra arrows from Llewellyn's Quiver would remain upon equipping another accessory.
  • Fixed issue where music would not immediately play after enabling it.
  • Edited the description of Blood Vials.
  • Increased effect of Trapper's Vest.
  • Destroying an item now takes up a turn.
  • You can now use the Tab key to switch between active and completed quests in the journal.
  • The map now displays the name of the currently viewed area.
  • Adjusted the attribute requirements of some items.
  • Arkos now resists Poison Weapon while Earth Shield is active.
  • Increased HP of Pyrgos by 25%.
  • Dragon eggs hatch more quickly.
  • Replaced the horrible dragon egg images.
  • Increased HP of Thanatos by 17%.

For players updating from the previous version:

If you already have the game installed, you can safely install the new version over the existing version. Your saves will not be affected.

If you uninstall the game, your saves will be deleted. You can find them in your system's app data folder if you want to back them up.