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Thanks for the feedback / review!
I definitely want to make the player accelerate faster to feel like you have more control soon, and the looking down to see yourself is intentional, as the game uses a "locosphere" style movement where you roll on a ball to move, so it's helpful to be able to look down and see what's happening with it. I'll also double check the camera position, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Pretty cool game. I like the pixel art and the more subtle details like the background moving around to give depth. The pun of the theme was pretty funny and definitely wasn't expecting something like that lol. I do think the game was a bit too short and wish there was more gameplay, but overall it's a fun, short experience.

Pretty neat game, definitely felt like it had quite a bit of time put into it. Camera could definitely use more work as it feels jittery when walking and too smooth when looking (As well as needs mouse locked / hidden). The roll also seems broken as you can continuously spam it and I fell out of the map pretty easily using it.
Like mentioned below a tutorial would have been nice, but I think it does fit the theme and is overall a pretty neat game, good job!

Thank you for the feedback! We definitely want to get more puzzles in the future, and are already thinking of how to re-do some to make them more challenging, but perhaps a bit more straight-forwards at some points (Like the outside puzzle may be a bit confusing sometimes)

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate your concerns on the levels / mechanic use and I'll definitely look into it again to make it fit a bit better. Also yeah even though I made the ending I still felt mixed on it's execution, while thinking it was still a fun effect.
I'll definitely take another look over all the stuff and talk with electric as well, but I'm glad you played our game and left some honest feedback for us :)

Our game has 15 / 20 ratings and is a singleplayer, puzzle game where you switch between 2 robots to solve puzzles that they couldn't complete on their own, a rating would be well appreciated!

Our game Bicognent is a singleplayer puzzle game where you switch between 2 robots to solve puzzles that they couldn't complete on their own. We need 5 more ratings to be considered so a rating would be well appreciated!

Thank you for the nice review!
We've actually fixed most of the technical issues in later builds, but can't upload due to voting period. We definitely want to rethink the 3rd level a bit to make it a bit more obvious, but the intended route at the moment is to drag an I-beam up to the bronze cube and walk up it. We definitely want to get a new build published, but yeah, I mentioned the reason we can't already. Glad you enjoyed it though and we definitely do want to get to 20 ratings lol

Thanks for playing our game, and yeah the button was bugged in that build. There's been a lot of fixes since, and the solution to level 3 is to grab one of the I-beams and lean it against the bronze cube to get up

Thank you for the review!
We've actually already fixed performance (Due to a post-processing bug, not anything like high settings), but can't upload any new builds due to the voting period :/
And I'm glad you liked the game / mechanics, I spent quite a bit of time before even knowing of this gamejam building the player as a personal framework, but Electric suggested I join the jam, and we teamed up and used the framework I built.

Thank you for the positive review! I also left a comment on your YT video with a bit more detail.

Hey, if you could, could you send me the Player.log file located at: (C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Camobiwon _ Electric\Bicognent)

Yep this is known. We have another build all ready with performance almost fully fixed from current version. However we're unable to upload to itch because of the voting period from the game jam; I may try to find another way to get a newer build playable though.

Thanks for the feedback, funny enough 3rd level is the one before the end currently. But do you have any suggestions as to what we can do to improve the quality of the experience?

Hey thanks for the feedback, I'll look into it and it may also be amplified by lower framerates due to post-processing issues we had causing extreme performance issues

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Yeah we actually got the performance really stable now and it runs fine on even my subpar laptop, it was an issue with post processing and not due to the high textures and what not. We have a build ready of the new version but sadly can't upload it due to voting period :/