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wow, great game! Love the credits and dashboard card too!

Is there a way to change the gravity?  I'm a bit sketchy on the details of the game I guess.  I am pretty consistently hitting the cart from the top of the screen every time and nothing seems to change anything. Also, sometimes I get a score or thumbs up or whatever in the bottom left in the first position, sometimes it begins in the third position, etc.  I don't understand that.  Thanks!

It's really fun! Had to turn the sound down eventually, but the crowd feature and gameplay are so much fun and so charming. Love this one.

This made me smile. SOLD.

Ah, thanks. I never saw the cursor. Maybe I didn't crank long enough. I'll give it another go tonight.

Frankly, I'm interested in climate inaction and like seeing how games tackle subjects like this!

It works!  I think!  I was able to play, but I'm not sure if I understand everything.  I was able to manicure the trees, but then when I got to sharpen my blade...I didn't understand what I was or was not doing. I was holding up, I was tapping up, I was pressing up, I was cranking this way and that faster and slower, and didn't really notice any difference. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

I am real dumb when it comes to computers, but when I try to sideload it says this "

The buildNumber value in pdxinfo must be an integer"  Any help?

Save a penny if you split the purchase!


Hey, playing on a physical device as well.  Intro and sound is great, graphics work well, I like the dust and debris that fall when you hit bricks.

I did also have the issue where the ball would sometimes hit the bottom of the paddle when transitioning to the next screen, causing the ball to bounce back down to the lower screen.  Maybe a way for the ball to always pass through when coming from the bottom?

The biggest issue is slowdown...When the ball cracks a brick the game really slows down.  The ball and paddle both.  And the issue compounds when hitting multiple bricks in a short space, so when it hits two at the same time, or even worse, on that second screen on the right side when it can bounce around in that little crevice...the screen really chugs suuuuuper slowly.

Anyway, fun game.  Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.  Thanks!

How is Tintagel pronounced?  Thanks - Don, Hello Playdate Podcast

The 500th game tagged 'Playdate' on itch!  Congratulations!!!

Woohoo!!!! Can't wait to dig in!

Whoa!  That's awesome!  We record tomorrow, but I'll make a note

We are talking about The Keyper on an upcoming podcast and one of our hosts finished it in about 4 hours.  I have to ask about the exclusion of a save feature...?  Thanks!

Very cool!  Looking forward to seeing what happens next, and more of that Mega City-esque skyline...

Very cool!  Looking forward to seeing what happens next, and more of that Mega City-esque skyline...

Great concept!  Played on physical PD.  Unless I'm mistaken, maybe the engine could be mapped to right and left D-Pad instead of having to swap with B.  Felt a bit like a chore swapping back and forth.  And the sonar coming from the center of the sub often left an entire sub length along the radius of the circle, so it was hard to tell when you were approaching a mine until you were already on top of it!  Could be the problem with playing on physical at this time though.  Loved the presentation and concept though, could see it being a ton of fun. it

Neat concept, I seem to be missing something though.  I tried the menu all over and never found any options on there that other users are mentioning.  Love the art.

Humor is great! (as expected from jomote)  Would like to see it fleshed out without the restarts when you hit a dead end!

Reminded me of Home Alone on Gameboy, but the platforming on this felt a lot better.

The mechanic complexity is so clever!  I expected it to be very 'one note' but was surprised at the depth later levels had with the variety of mechanics.  Really well done and a lot of fun.

The mechanic complexity is so clever!  I expected it to be very 'one note' but was surprised at the depth later levels had with the variety of mechanics.  Really well done and a lot of fun.

So smooth... top tier experience.  Hard, but thrilling when I nail one.  Well done!

Hi! Where is the high resolution wave image to use as wallpaper?  I saw in Art post-mortem the link was here but I'm not seeing it.  Thanks... its a beautiful image!

...honestly, this sounds really delightful.

Looking great!  

Hi!  Crashes the playdate whenever I select a language.  Heads up!

I love 'simple to play, hard to master' board games, but I have a hard time envisioning how to play them!  Often I lean on short YouTube tutorials to help prime initial play sessions.  Is that something you might be open to?  Filming a short tutorial on the checkerboard?  Thanks!

Looks great, but yeah, crashing.  Will retry when patched though.  Love both roots and bears.

This game kicks grASS!

I don't know much about computers but when I go to sideload it I get this error message on the playdate site: 

The bundleID field is missing from pdxinfo.

Thanks!  What's your high score?  What's a good score

57 so far.  Doesn't seem to be a free play high score list?  Or a way to exit back out to the menu to view it or change modes.  Is there a method to the 'stars'?  I was thinking maybe striped ornaments together, or black ornaments or something, but they don't seem to correlate.  Anyway, it's still a cool concept and I'm having fun with it even in January!  Thanks!

Thought this was just doing to be a novelty holiday game...but I was wrong!  What a cool premise for a puzzle game!  I don't have a strategy down yet, but it is satisfying lining up the sparkle from the long X shaped ornaments just right and nailing a long combo.  Great game!

I was trying to match all four initial corners and getting no where, then it finally clicked for me and I focused on the top left corner.  Much easier, but still quite a challenge with the timer talking to me!   Is a worthwhile 'protip' to use up all 3 bombs on each run?

Playing on hardware.  It was normal (middle?) volume during intro then totally silent during gameplay.