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Excellent piece of interactive fiction and probably the sexiest game I've ever played.

It took me a while to really gel with the writing style and at times things felt a little too vague, but once it clicked for me I immediately restarted to get another ending.

Would have loved to see an expanded version of this in a larger dramatic structure or world. Excellent writing, definitely looking forward to your next project.

Enjoyed hitting endings 1 and 3 for their spectrum of cold to hot.

Glad it was helpful! Thanks for sharing some insight into your process.

Things totally change and with a game jam you gotta make those last minute pivots. My feedback about normalizing the movement had more to do with speed increase when moving in a diagonal direction (a common problem in older FPS games) than it did about moving at 45 degree angles, in an isometric fashion.

No reason to apologize either. It's a game jam. It's impressive enough you managed to get it all done in time and on your own. It's still a major accomplishment :D

For a jam it's a bit much to offer reconfigurable controls, as that level of polish is distracts from all the other super important stuff that needs doing. I think your implementation was a great decision to offer alternative controls for the time available.

Would definitely love to play an improved version. Keep up the good work!

Nice entry! I always love it when a game pulls a "Would you kindly..." and guilts you for playing it!

As a prototype this is fun, but I think it could use a little more work to be enjoyable.

1. Movement isn't normalized, so moving diagonally is twice as effective as move in a cardinal direction.

2. Increasing movement speed near death was a nice touch and it would have been nice to see this happen whenever you attempt to feed. This would also have the added benefit of making it easier to hunt down those pesky blood sacks and make the bloodloss when using this ability seem like a fair trade off.

3. Bloodloss in general didn't seem balanced. It never seemed like I gained enough blood from feeding to actually sustain my health (but maybe that was the point?)

4. Having no means of dealing with enemies was some what frustrating and they always seemed to catch up to you unless you moved diagonally (intentional?)

5. Great presentation and writing! This is the strongest part of the game. It's clear you put a lot of effort into it.  Extra kudos for the multiple control options.

Congrats on getting this in on time. I see you had 8 seconds left before the deadline!

Once the game started I immediately got vibes of old 3D maze games I use to play on Win95. It's kind of an untouched game type/aesthetic and it was a pleasant throwback to see it here.

Really dug the music. It adds a lot to the experience. If I'm being honest though there isn't a lot to stick your teeth into here. I never had any idea of what I was doing. When I initially ran into the blobs I couldn't move and died. Running into them again I madly clicked and hit space bar and that seemed to have an effect. I did manage to complete the game, so kudos for managing that.

Some things to work out:

Controls: arrow keys + mouse look is kind of awkward. WASD feels more naturally and is the standard.

Communication: Nothing in the game has a reaction or effect besides doors when you interact with them. Having audio or visual cues would have gone a long way to help communicate what was going on.

Pacing: There doesn't seem to be much of an ebb and flow to room layouts. Every room is rough the same rectangle and size.

Props for using Godot, doing everything from scratch and getting the game in on time.

Hilarious, light hearted concept that I wish I could have experienced as you intended. Ran into a bug where my first selection of vampires remained the same despite changing cards.

The writing has a nice bite to it and I would've loved to see how each pair played off of each other. It would have helped if there were some more obvious tells in what did and didn't work between each pair, maybe even something as obvious as the text highlighting in Nintendo games (possibly as an optional mode).

The interface has a nice vibe to it, but it doesn't communicate very well what everything does or where it should go. Some distinction between people slots and place slots would have been appreciated.

Overall really dig the concept and would love to play a more polished version. I could totally see myself killing hours to this game on my phone, ala Reigns: Her Majesty.

Heya! First I wanna say great work on creating all of this. It's clear you have a command of the source material you're working off of and you provide a lot of interesting materials for players to engage with.

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to try this out in practice. I don't know if my group of friends would be comfortable enough in their sexuality to indulge in playing a sexy vampire game (it's hard enough to keep them on track with DnD), but I think this definitely has an audience who would suck it up (eh?). That being said, I could totally see myself easily having a blast seducing sparkling vampires.

It would be great to see this expanded, possibly using your own rule set. Extra kudos for flipping the vampire power dynamic on its head and creating a game that focuses on interpersonal conflict.

Thanks for sharing this and looking forward to your next thing!