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This is fantastic, can't thank you enough for finally bringing a good Tetris version playable on the gameboy micro! This has all the best parts of the modern titles, and the soundtrack is beautifully "GBA". Even going the extra mile for 2P via link cable, I love it! You did an awesome job :)

One request: I would love to see a game track remixed from the original Tetris Theme, (or maybe remixed from the Russian folk song Kalinka to avoid any ip issues?) There's nothing like stacking blocks to the classic tune.

Hey this is really fun, great job!

Hey, thanks for your feedback! We tried to make the game challenging but fair, hopefully you found that to be the case. I’m glad to hear you came back to give it another go :)

Really fun! I liked this one a lot, but it quickly becomes an exercise in kiting enemies. Maybe more varied level/enemy design could solve this? The sound effects were a hoot!

I tried to play it in the browser (Firefox) but got the following error :(

Fun game!


Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like you might be timing the parry a bit too early or late, you only lose shields if you are hit by an enemy outside the parry window., otherwise they should bounce off you. I appreciate you taking the time to play it!