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Hi! You can reach out to me at ******(removed to prevent spam!) 

Thank you! I just did it. Hopefully my first of more published at

Any idea when the video will go live?  :D

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Amazing what can be done with gdevelop these days! 3d?! 

Loved this "virtua cop" mechanic.

The end 💔

Well done for a first jam!

The end 💔

Well done for a first jam!

Well balanced the difficult progress.Addictive! 

I played until I beat the highscore :P

Thank you! I will :)

I liked it! It is not a easy game at first so a restart button would be super nice as intro is a bit long

Thanks for the feedback :) 

If you play another time, know that combining the character movement with the mouse speed you can make the character walk faster. If you change to runner mode (scroll mouse up) you can go much faster and even destroy obstacles. About directions.. I agree it is missing =) I should have spent more time in level design

Glad you liked! I am a subscriber of your channel =) Thanks for the feedback.

Please add instructions :)

I didnt solve if it was a puzzle. I'll check and rate later.

I enjoyed and  had already rated your game. 

Here is my feedback and please don't get me wrong. I have a few suggestions considering that you uploaded it 2 days before the deadline =) so you had some extra time =)

The game could be harder: I kept playing till level 100 and wasnt that hard. You could combine some dash/sprint mechanism as well, faster enemies and stuff

I miss a little the build/rebuild mechanic. It was there, but if the player had to craft things, maybe the game became naturally more challeging

And some day night cycles, sprite animations could make the game more live/dynamic

I couldnt survive all 9 waves :( I think my best was 5 or 6 waves... 

nice little game.

Awesome graphics.  Could have a few more levels and challenges. Enjoyed & Rated

It is definitely not that easy ; But I liked it very much.

Creative design!  Details make difference! Enjoyed & Rated! Well done!

I have played a lot of cool games in this jam but every aspect of this one is just AMAZING! 

There is a lot to learn from this game. Literally. 

Loved everything in this game. Menu, color palete, pixel art, sfx, gameplay, Amazing!

Please rate it :)

I will check yours as well! Thanks!

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Thanks! Means a lot to me! I have no plans to push it further but who knows!

Well done! 

Not sure if it was a puzzle that I couldn't solve or a bug, but I get stuck right after killing two zombies and interacting with two things.

Well done! I had to play alone, but I still enjoyed the concept. 

And the game's name is awesome! "Muita treta vish"

Loved the transitions, design and hammer animation!

 I got trapped outside the screen a few times.

Well done

Thank you very much!

I havent consider trackpad users when developing. My fault!

I am glad you enjoyed.  

It is a good idea to collect, save and recycle as much resource as you can to the last 2 levels.

Thank you for playing! The game is entirely 2d with a looooot of particles.

Next time I will consider to make videos as you did in your game to tell the player the story and briefly teach how to play.

You are so kind! It means a lot to me. Thank you.

Every feedback is highly appreciated. I will keep in mind these points for next time.

I had no much time to spend with art and decided to go 'the easy way': bloooooom! Thanks for playing!

Thank you! You should check the GDevelop Free Particle Library

Awesome tool to build particles on top.

Thank you for playing! It's always a good idea to collect, preserve and recycle as much as you can to final stages!

Your can always start a new game from menu! SUperhot was indeed an inspiration! And I forgot to delete that standard condition for 'hitting the head of enemy' that comes with platform example.

Next version you might want to prevent the player to create unlimited walls. With a lot of walls it is easy to beat huge scores.

Hard to master! Creative game mechanic.

I have no idea how many times I had to play to beat it. It was a matter of honor 

The game is nice, yet I think the 'build/rebuild' theme is kinda missing.

Quite impressive that you made it in 5 hours! So many levels! 

I loved the gameplay and minimalistic design. 

Holy mushrooms :)

Beautiful game. I enjoyed the art of each level, music, and ending.  Well done.