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This was really fun. Looks great. Very satisfying mechanic when you blow away a house.

Excellent game. You built up the tension very effectively.

Congratulations on uploading your first game!

This was really fun and very tense. Will definitely check out your other games and hope you can make more like this!

A great, fun experience. We run a school that teaches coding and game design. We will use this as the perfect short intro to making an RPG for our students. Thank you!

Amazing tool. Thank you for all the hard work that went into this. Will be using this with our game design students.

We are making the assets from our submission for the GoGodot Jam 3 available.

If you are able to donate then all funds will go towards flood relief in Bangladesh. We are a charity teaching computer skills to young people in Bangladesh. Many of our students and neighbours have been affected by the recent floods. We have already distributed food to over 300 families but hundreds more remain isolated and unable to work until the water recedes.

Our students are still learning but maybe these assets can be of help to you in your own projects.

Thank you for playing.  Glad you enjoyed the mix of styles.

Thanks for playing. Yeah... we were rushing to get the backgrounds done last minute. Think we need to put in a bit more work on that.

Thank you for playing. Level 1 was originally 3x the size and had to be cut down drastically after play testing! Our students are still learning about level design so this is useful feedback.

Thank you for playing. We didn't want any health or death in the game so the creatures were sometimes there just to block your path. You were not supposed to be able to jump over them though - something to fix later if we get time.

This is really fun to play. Quite addictive and rewarding.

Excellent. Thank you so much for this!

Loved the surprise of the evolutionary advantage!

Wonderful and inspirational game.

Great game. I never normally play this genre but Ienjoyed this one!

Has a really enjoyable, smooth feel to the swimming movement

Sorry you didn't get to finish. If you have time and interest, you should definitely go back and complete the game.

This is a good looking puzzle game. You also taught me how to do 'page up' on a mac (fn+up arrow!)

This is really polished. Love the art, music and gameplay.

Very satisfying gameplay. Makes you want to keep reaching the next stage.

I found this engaging and addictive. Great concept.

This was really creative and engaging. Excellent concept.

Great start to a fun game. Definitely could be expanded if you want to or have the time!

Fun game. Has potential to be expanded into a much larger game.

Enjoyable game... great death animation!

I liked playing this a lot! Can't wait to come back and play more.

I had fun playing this. I love this art style and the music really enhanced the game play.

Thank you for the feedback. I agree with your comments. I hope we will go back and try to refine things after the jam.

Thank you for your feedback. This is something we hope to improve on later.