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thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

thank you for playing and for the honest feedback!

we overscoped on this one, but we learned from it :)

seems like a browser issue. please try either with a different browser or the download version.

latest chrome works for me

thanks for your detailed feedback!
currently there is no way to save the planets, no :)

thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and thanks for reporting that issue. We‘ll look into it. Probably a browser issue though :/

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Thank you for the feedback and for playing our game :)

thanks for playing :)

nice tileset! they seem to be 80x80 and not 16x16 though

thanks for playing!

thanks for playing! no that was not intended, the game is still very much WIP and the character physics are not as nice as i'd like to have them yet.

really cool idea, awesome music and colors. had some issues understanding the map though

fun little game, just missing some audio and it would be even better!

cool game! shooting and destroying of the enemies feels good! i like the graphics and effects and that you can hold left click to shoot.

Thanks for playing the game!

Yes, you're right. I burnt a bunch of hours into trying to get better character controls and game feel when i should have put more time into the visual appeal.
Thanks for the feedback!

i exported to HTML5 runnable in the latest (3.1) godot. guess you're struggling with i had the same issue initially. make sure to zip your archive for the game upload as .zip, they dont like .rar. the game.html file has to be called index.html 

should work after that!

thank you, yes I love godot :)

great read, couldn't agree more. thanks for the effort you've put into this. looking forward to work together again at any time!

That makes sense, thanks for the explanation and the great work!

hey awesome tileset! I'm planning to build a topdown survival shooter with some roguelike elements with it. I'm not sure regarding some of the tiles however. Is it intended that they do not fit 16x16px always? e.g. the fences? when i put them on a grid 16px by 16px i see that some of the tiles would contain two fences. it's hard to explain sorry :D here is a picture of what i mean:
not 100% sure how i'm supposed to use them.

thanks and kind regards!

I really like this tileset and i'm currently using it for a project. I have a couple of questions though, do you have an email address for me? Found no way to send you a direct message here.