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Hi, folks. I'm looking to build a 2-5 person team for a small game project. The elevator pitch is that it's an action roguelike where you have the ability to copy powers from your enemies. I have most of the core game mechanics programmed in a basic state at this point, though there's a lot of fleshing out to be done.

Fun features I have up and running right now:

  • Procedural level generation
  • Procedural equipment generation
  • Procedural ability generation
  • Monster AI that allows them to make use of random abilities
  • Sound and scent systems that allow monsters to track the player

The game takes inspiration from the lethality, playfulness, and simulationism of old-school roguelikes and merges it with modern action gameplay and some cool new mechanics. I'm envisioning a cute art style, but am open to different options. I'm happy to discuss details in more depth.

The current goal is to put together a nice demo that can be used in a crowdfunding bid. Initial work will therefore be scoped to a single area worth of content. I'm open to either up-front payment or revenue sharing.

Here's what I'm looking for:
1. Concept artist 
2. A 3D modeler and animator
3. GUI artist
4. Composer and sound effects person

If you're interested in hearing more, please feel free to contact me. My DiscordTag is caesuric#8445.