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Cactus Companion

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wait, what the fuck is this is this a beta version of the game what ze fuck

guys just go to the steam store

Anton has left the server

he's gone!

I wrote a bunch of stuff while i played under the name of "Cactus" if you dev(s?) are interested in reading that since it was basically just me giving thoughts on my adventure

why not?

Fun! Cool! and too hard for me to beat! But Paul is moving in the title art which isn't accurate to anton lore so i gotta dock some antonism points

okay everything is good now you can play it

Funny and very antonesque, but i just don't really like the gameplay (though that's just kind of a byproduct of using rpgmaker)


It's a nice little game, and i really liked da art

but there's certainly far more interesting ones to play

(1 edit)

Nice puzzle game and it has paul in it but a little boring at the same time. not bad by any means, though!


3zo07ed delivers another "on brand" game, which is fine! He has a fun style to his games, but there is no denying that these games (specifically these anton ones) aren't necisarily  fun to play. 'cept gangstonball, i guess? i kinda liked that one

His artstyle is real nice also! 7/10 game

When is antonball?

that was a lot simplier than what i tried to do

after i finish some more work on some stuff i'll go back and try the game again

Game's really nice! nice physics and stuff and easy to understand

couldn't figure out how to get the last drawing on the second level though

Sure, It's the least i can do after your in depth review

when you kill the big cop dont walk off to the right

you die bcuz oversight



came for tinker knight stayed for cool gameplay

also is it s'posed to delete a save if you die too many times

how do i save i dont understand!!!!! does it save when I die?

ah okay

I mean, the animation of the teacher throwing the papers is really nice

but there isnt enough here for much replayability

i'd recommend adding more visual variety in future projects i guess

wheres the download

very good game

the final boss was a tad irritating though

uh, where can i get it because when I search it up I just get a bunch of untrustworthy looking sites

what'd you use to make it?