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C. A. Berlitz

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I would definitely want an image prompt

This game is so damn good and evocative. The ideas here can bring such a deep and connected game. I definitely dig all of it

Thanks, I really thought that it would fit very well with the given misery

Thank you very much for the compliment. If you don't mind, could you expand on what you meant with "consistent" here?

This one would LITERALLY be a life saving situation. And I know what literally means. Please, make this exception

It looks great. Very clear and functional layout, and the idea of living in a world as little one sounds very fun. Loved the mechanics and how they feel straightforward. The way the game focuses on the small missions is very well thought out. Definitely a good try

I am up for it as well

Great that you enjoyed it.  It was a talented group of people that authored the book and it was a group effort to try and make an awesome product.

It took me so long to reply, but it makes me radiant to know that you feel this way about it

These are some really good food for thoughts. Create job in compiling them all

I am a Brazilian creator for ttrpg and want to submit my latest released OGL project.