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def see a lot of love and work put in to this game

the long awaited duck hunt sequel

pretty impressive how much the game was polished in such a small period

truly hell

awesome, sorry that the game isn't very intuitive, didn't implement a hint system sadly

but I got all the recipes listed in the main game page if you want to finish the game, otherwise, thanks for playing

were you not able to remove the ingredients? At that point the recipe is just one pineapple

Thanks, I'm usually very self-conscious about my art and I'm happy you like it.

alrighty I think I got it fixed, updated the main file you can try it now

and thanks for the feedback by the way

awesome, looking forward to it

was always a fan of bullethell games and I'm curious how yours will go

I see a lot of people have problems with the game, it should be working theoretically


think there is a bug when you launch the game on windowed or not on 1920 x 1080 resolution the buttons don't work

sorry for the inconvenience

And then we can make a game about i- oh wait

I now imagine a dystopian future with sloths milking about with scooters everywhere

once people, stripped of their humanity, left with only their basic motor functions intertwined with scooter controls

I'm trying to recreate the bug somehow, lowering the quality doesn't do it

but if I lower the game screen resolution below 1080 the buttons get more finnicky until they're unusable

but still doesn't result in that visual glitch, really weird

hmm that's weird, you're the first one with this glitch, what resolution are you playing on? is it windowed?

yeah I know that feel, I tried making a button to work in my game too, an hour later I cursed and implemented a workaround as well

yeah, it's the dreadful bakery game

my game also wasn't very polished, didn't have enough time to add a hint system so I just ended up telling all the recipes on the game page

the game is impossible to complete without hints I believe

Gets you in the mood for some good ol' cooking

Shit, should have browsed in incognito

welp, came back to the game and I gotta say, stuffing some monsters was unsettling as living hell, like something you'd see in fetish art

the little round ones were fine but the boss will give me nightmares for days on end, I applaud you for sticking with the theme

The character creation screen was pretty genius

but I didn't end up going past level 1 sadly, the game's too hard

that was worth the wait

beautiful and really weird game, definitely one of the best. But how did the sloth get on a scooter

Very speedy boys want your treasure

got to 99, pretty fun game

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I like that intro animation, feels like serious sam again

but I couldn't make that slide jump for the life of me, it's like cuphead to my game journalism

but then I realized I can sprint.

I liked the bed room, the trampoline idea was genius

Pretty well done game, you're basically a hired gun for the angels doing their work cleaning up hell

I was confused whether I should walk into the flying burger projectiles and eat them or dodge them

pretty nice game, had a big burger, was a nice day

Killbox - the game

pretty fun game, no fail condition but it was fun just shooting demons in a pit - and the golden pizza was delicious

It was hard figuring out the controls but I managed to put in a box of sugar in a bowl and then proceed to yoink the bowl and get stuck on the weight measurer

game of the year

took me four tries, but beat the game with 7 lives

pretty nice undertale inspired bullethell, but there's two things I want to leave a note on:

The bullet charge indicator should be more noticable, it was hard to see when I was ready to fire

And the tiny hitbox and slow travelling bullet were more infuriating than challenging, I'd either scale up the boss a bit in the first two stages before she starts following or speed up the player and bullet to compensate

Sadly you gotta restart the game everytime you lose as well, the game is pretty fun though and I like the mechanics

The only thing I would change, apart from fixing the collision bug, is the level design- took me a while to figure out that I can just grab/hide away from the first guard on level 4, seeing that I used the blocking method mainly on the third level. These mechanics would be great when explained separately.

Also a map preview before the level starts would have saved me so many restarts, but I understand there wasn't much time to add that feature. Well done game nonetheless

I like the wee animations, though the flashing in the character selection made it difficult to appreciate your drawings


I still hate you though.

I recognized those darkest dungeon characters just as soon as I saw the pointy hat, really nice artwork

Outstanding game, from the visual art style to meaningful symbolism you've got it all nailed

Drink, Korb, claim your destiny

aww thank yous, I often get slack from other artists for my scribbly art, but I guess quick contests like these is where it really shines

I always wanted to play a lootbox simulator

Cute that the player slows down the more it carries, very nicely polished game

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Like the little pizza heart system

But for some reason the shoot button didn't work for me, tried beating the game pacifist mode