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took me four tries, but beat the game with 7 lives

pretty nice undertale inspired bullethell, but there's two things I want to leave a note on:

The bullet charge indicator should be more noticable, it was hard to see when I was ready to fire

And the tiny hitbox and slow travelling bullet were more infuriating than challenging, I'd either scale up the boss a bit in the first two stages before she starts following or speed up the player and bullet to compensate


First of all thank you for the constructive feedback.
I'm planing on either fleshing out this game or develop a new bullet hell game with the engine I built here.
Your feedback will influence that game and I'll try to fix all those issues.
Player shots will definitely get faster and there will be a nicer hud with life bars and other nice little features!
So stay tuned for that ;)

awesome, looking forward to it

was always a fan of bullethell games and I'm curious how yours will go

Hi Cabbagera
Just wanted to tell you that my new bullethell game just got released here:
All your feedback was implemented, so have fun ;)