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A member registered 1 year ago

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maybe a possibility to switch the controlls for the camera. Because currently it is some sort of 3rd personish controll which can be difficult to use at times (for example when creating tall buildings)... 

something like a first person controll would be very intuitive

how about making some improvements ;D...

what happens if you want to export a spritesheet with multiple moving parts? for example the top down character (Arms+Legs) only the arms get animated on the spritesheet...

And of course a little view that shows the animation

I know that's maybe not on top of the priority list but just in case you need some ideas ;D

Ok :D im Glas to hear that it works now;D

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could you maybe send me that error?

EDIT: The .deb should install wine itself maybe try to make a .sh file on you desktop with the command " wine "/usr/bin/Kenney Studio.exe" "

EDIT of an EDIT ;D:

Which version of Linux Mint 17.3 do you use Cinnamon,MATE ...?

Np. BTW kenney might publish a .deb package soon ;D

you can run it on Linux using Wine.

jup the full version works aswell :D

Hi JamesArq I had the same question soo here is the answer: "Yeah absolutely, after Kenney Game Assets 2 has been released I'll go fulltime on Studio!" Atleast thats what Kenney has written to me via Twitter as i asked him if there will be an Update in the next month. I would suggest you to follow him onTwitter ;D