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I have disappointed you, Father. >_< I'm not very good at this game. Good work, anyway!

I really like the art and music. I couldn't play it with anyone, but watching the video, it looks like a ton of fun! Good work!

Good work for only having 10 hours. I wish you would have had more time. :)

The game looks super awesome, but as others have said, nobody was playing. Good job anyway! It looks fantastic.

Fun game! I agree with what has already been said, there's just one thing I would like to add. The "footsteps" were WAY too loud. At first I thought it was something shooting or attacking in some way. I would highly recommend next time you make them much quieter. Other than that, though, good job!

Glad you enjoyed it! That was one of the motivations for putting the cheat code in. I wanted it to mostly be an educational type game, but with some fun added in. I hope to someday add more commands to the available ones since there are SO many more things I could do with the vim commands.

Thanks for playing!

Gotta have a secret cheat mode! Haha

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

I love the concept and high level of polish. Good job!

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Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing. The vim controls were something I was thinking of doing for a while. I think they turned out alright. It would have been cool to get more of them. Maybe someday. :)

Thanks for the input! That was going to be one of the next things I did. In vim, pressing d and the left arrow, or h deletes to the left. I wanted to put that in, as well as a bunch of other commands, but I ran out of time.

Thanks! Glad you liked it. I'll check out Puma Cat. :)

Thanks! That's one part I was really self conscious about when I was going into this as I do not consider myself to be a very artistic person. I watched a few tutorials on YouTube and the help of the color constraints, I am also very happy with how they turned out. :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :D

Believe it or not, both of these text editor are still very important. It may seem like they're for super old people from a time where computers didn't have graphics, but if you become a systems administrator, you will likely have to access some servers remotely from time to time. You could do a ton of work to get a file on one of those servers to open in a graphical text editor, or you could just open it quickly with vi.

Either way, thank you for playing my game! Glad you liked the graphics. :D

Thanks! Glad you liked it. The command line scheme and controls are part of the vi command line text editor. I wanted to make it a kind of educational game for those in IT.

Not quite. I got a handful of levels in, but I wasn't very good after a while. Haha

I don't think I've seen a game yet that hits all of the themes and so many achievements without a doubt. I don't know how you had enough time to make this whole game by yourself. Good job!

Fun game. Good level of polish. Good job!

Awesome stuff as usual! A handful of bugs, but honestly, what can you expect?

Want to hide from someone? Got lower than 213 south. :P That's my favorite bug.

I really enjoyed this game! The first two levels were pretty easy to familiarize you with the concepts. That third level was pretty tricky and took me a few tries. :)

Very neat game! I don't really see EXACTLY how it ties into wrenches, but I kind of get it. You're a tool just like a wrench is a tool.

I like the concept, haha. I started losing one right after the other and I was like "OKAY, I'm going to just save this one!" then the last one started unscrewing anyway. No luck. :P

Neat game. It took me a minute to figure out that Q was used to activate the traps. Pressing Q feels a little awkward when moving with WASD. Maybe E or Space would have been easier. Either way, had fun!

Permadeath? Brutal! You warned me. Haha. This game is fantastic. Watching your progress through the discord, I knew this would be one of the better ones. I was not disappointed!

Neat game! I had fun getting through all the levels. :)

The controls definitely took a minute to get used to, but I managed to get to the Triangle Tree eventually!

Okay, cool. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Definitely a fun concept! I'll be playing it through several times to see if I can beat it with all the curses. :)

Very neat concept! Is the game over when you defeat the boss?

Oh I see! I was playing it differently than intended. I was holding down the mouse button the entire time, rather than letting it go when I was in position. This caused me to skip right past the end screen. My high score was 257.

Awesome game. It took me a second of playing to figure out what theme you went with. I love the art and the music. Definitely one of the better games so far. I hope you got the Healthy Living Achievement. If you did, it must have been hard working with all the pizza and hamburgers! Haha.

Can you upload the zip version instead of the compiled exe so that we don't have to install it on our computers?

Thanks! That was kind of the point. There is a command line text editor called vi(m) that a lot of people have difficulty learning, but that is super powerful once you learn it. It was just an idea that I had and wanted to see how it would work. You can make it a bit easier by using the arrows to move VIctor around. You can also do this in vi, so it still counts, but I wanted to familiarize people with using hjkl to move, so I didn't outright state that.

This is a pretty great game! My only real complaint is that I wish the area my mouse could be in was a little wider. I kept accidentally moving too far to the left and right. I also wish it showed you your score after you lost. My high score was somewhere around 250. It was getting pretty crazy! Good music too!

It took me a minute to find the game. It's in the Debug folder. Fun game. I'd be surprised if it wasn't the most educational game! I managed to get 6th place.

An battle royale! Awesome! Great music too!

Nice wrench! Fun game. I was thinking about putting nuts in my game and having the wrenches throw them, then I thought it would be better if the wrenches threw smaller wrenches and wanted to make a nut its own enemy. I didn't have time. I'm glad someone did! :)

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Had a few issues getting it to work at first, but the dev fixed it super quick. Fun game, get super hard to keep your timing with both the wrenches and the presents. I love the Cursemas theme. Bats had me saying my Curses. Haha.