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Vraiment brillant comme idée et je suis heureux de voir que vous allez le développer comme jeu mobile (le concept est parfait pour iOS). Bonne chance pour ça.

Aucun moyen de faire de donations? Je supporterais un tout petit peu :). J'achèterai la version mobile sans faute!

Very neat. I'm scared easily and I was pretty afraid something would pop up by the end but thankfully the game is smarter than using cheap scares. It's eery but also capture a certain nostalgia about gaming late at night as a kid, which is not as conflicting as it sounds.

Great stuff.

Thanks for the answer, though I worry this still doesn’t make much sense for my case. I didn’t sell that many units but sold them for a fair amount. I don’t know how much Paypal or Stripe takes, but I don’t think it’s up to 30%.

Sadly I’d need to get into numbers and I guess the forums is not the place to do that, so I might need to wait for an official answer from the support.

For my case, on one purchase of about 10$, I get 4$ payout. It would mean itch takes 30%, it would mean the payment processor fee is also 30% which I’m sure is not the case.

Maybe I’m all understanding this wrong, sorry for that. Thanks for the help.

Nice work!

First, I sent an e-mail to support five days ago but I received no answer. I understand that itch must receive a lot of those e-mails and are not a massive company, I'm not blaming them. I'm just curious if I'm understanding my payout settings right.

I have my revenue sharing set to 30% to itch, 70% to me. I've reconfirmed this multiple time.

Under the initiate a new payout option, the amount shown (let's say it's 50$ for sake of argument) is far from matching that sharing. The 50$ amounts for a little over a third of my purchases money. Even if the percentage would be inverted, 70% for itch and 30% for me, it still wouldn't make sense. I know not all purchases are available right now, but even without taking the recent purchases into account the number is much lower than 70% of the available purchases.

So what am I missing here? Is paypal taking a massive cut of that money? Is it tax stuff that I'm missing or forgot about? Or is there really a bug happening here.

Again, I'm not blaming itch at all, I'm sure there's a reason for this and I'd like to understand. I'm not particularly stressed out about that money personally.

Thank you!

I feel like I just joined a cult.

The styyyyyle here is amazing.

The art is perfect. Really cool game and it's a neat idea to make a clicker of those awesome streams.

This is a super interesting concept and it's super well executed. Congrats.

I'll admit that I tested it so much that I found all game to be very easy by the end, maybe I was wrong!

Little bomb is the absolute cutest. This is very good, I love the easter eggs everywhere.

"Let's watch a pro"

No worries. Just wanted to make sure. Good luck with your game!

Absolutely loved it even though it felt very overwhelming to me. I've been suffering from chronic pain for the last year and a lot of what's in the game made it a very introspective experience about how I deal with my issues. I highly recommend it and I wish I could tip more.

This is amazing.

Alex is so fashionable like this!

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Got a good laugh out of this one. Good work!

Unless I'm mistaken, this loads a .app on PC and I can't find an .exe. It seems to only work as a Mac Build :(

I was annoyed because I couldn't jump on enemies' head, but then it all turn around. Best 1-1 remake ever.

That last boss is though as hell...

Thank you!

Hi! I released a game during the Giant ROM 5 game jam.

In the entries page (, my game (Thirteen Deadly Sims) is only available under the Windows tab. I actually have both a Windows build and an OSX build, so I was wondering why it doesn't appear under an OSX tab.

This might due to the fact that I uploaded the OSX build after I submitted the game. That being said, I tried unsubmitting and submitting again and it didn't work. I did that yesterday, so it's not a "wait for it to update" issue either.

Does anyone have an idea why that happens? It's not a massive issue, considering it's just a quick free thing I made for fun, but if there's a quick fix I'd like to know it! Thank you.

Thanks you so much!

Thank you! Congrats for your launch too!

It warms my heart that you would play the game multiple times to see all the different scenes. Thank you for playing!

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Hi all,

I just released A Game About, my first game ever. You can find it here for free: It's available on windows and OSX.

It is a short, lo-fi, comedy point & click about how the simplest routine can itself become overwhelming.

I developed the game after being diagnosed with anxiety issues. I think I partly made it to exorcise my problems and coming to terms with fact I will have to live with anxiety for the rest of my life. It's a very personal game to me, but I hope it can resonates with other player here on

Here's a gif so you can get an idea of what it looks like (and see my magnificient artist skills).

It's a very small game but I'm pretty proud of it and I am kinda overwhelmed with emotion right now.

Cheers! Thank you for trying. If you have any comments or suggestions you can contact me at