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The Gui Scaling is a very nice feature which allows me to play the game on my 4k Monitor.

Night and day, there is subtle overlap on some word wrap but it's useable. so exciting thanks for the effort. <3

Thanks I'll try it now!!


Alas it was not enough, I will just use my laptop I guess to give it a spin <3 must play!

Thank you though for the effort i really appreciate it.

Double thanks, this gives me an idea on how to do stuff for my game too, modding stuff. <3

Thank you so much i'll try that now!! I'm really really really excited to play this game. It looks amazing. <3

Is there a way to change resolution i'm missing? I am playing on a 4k monitor and I find the text too small to read, if i could scale it to 150% i could see it better.

I'm so excited to play this but alas I can not. :) Can't wait for the option though.

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Some of my favorite games have been hex based games where they make the map flow so smoothly you lose yourself in the details.

To that end we've been working on converting from standard hex's that are hard edged to something a little smoother.

Don't mind the colors not matching for sea to shallows, it's a work in progress. But getting the systems in place to be able to properly paint these will be helpful.

ABE Wargame community · Created a new topic ChangeLog
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  • Implement the ability to add custom images into the GameData/customSplash directory
  • Splash Images rotate every 5 seconds
  • Auto Deploy to Itch is completed, if you use the Itch app you'll get the latest and greatest changes.


Added -

  • Refit Mode - Refit mode runs before the replacement phase, it will see if there are any counters that are in refit mode and allocate to them 80% of a regimes inventory to rebuild them quickly.
    That will leave 20% of regime inventory for the next normal replacement phase.
    You can use refit mode to quickly build out new units or refit units that have been mauled in battle.
    New units by default will start out in refit mode.

Refit mode color is a regime variable that you can set, it defaults to RED but for regimes like the soviets, it's defaulted to black.

It appears as an "R" in the bottom right corner of the counter.

New HotKeys

R - Toggle Refit mode on the selected unit.

N - Create a new unit on the selected hex. This will trigger the unit in hex editor and you'll need to assign the available regiments to the unit.


  • Tuned the replacement phase to not loop over a regimes counters repeatedly. Now it will do one loop at the start of the phase and then use that list for it's work. Keeps the phase tighter and also makes sure a unit doesn't go over strength with just men and not letting guns/tanks be added to the regiments.
  • Date of the scenario now properly increments on the top of the screen.

NOTE - need to fix the itch builder because it's not properly installing the updated versions. Will work on that in a few hours.

Hey everyone!

Exciting news, we got the auto-deploy to itch.io working so as new builds are done they will automatically be updated here.

Well I'm still curious if you have a patreon or paypal to donate to. :) And after failing horribly at tessellation for planet creation due to my weakness in math/geometry i think i'm going to coalesce around a similar "sim" style game. I can't very well do a KSP alike if I can't make a planet to launch from seemlessly into space lol.

Craig do you have a patreon or paypal? And is the galatic line up for sale yet? just figured i'd try to support you a bit since I've always enjoyed/been greatly helped by what you've done in the past.

Craig, long time watcher of your stuff, back to when you did your minecraft clone that i intently copied to learn how to do everything. Where did you get/how did you make your planets? I'm working on a project to build out a space style sim and I was trying to go the route that KSP did for building planets of starting with 6 sided quad cubes and then adding detail as you get closer. But i figured i'd ask the master for his thoughts first, and now to see you have a game already with planets in it. Just wanting to pick your brain.

Thanks for all the content you put out it really is very very helpful.