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That's a very creative idea!

I didn't manage to progess. Screams seemed to come from everywhere. I used my unlimited sprint to run around for 10 minutes but the scenery didn't change. I gave up after that. I really liked the atmosphere though.

Casual player here.

Tried everything, selected characters, jumped on + multiple times...still the party got defated. I guess I need some feedback (audio or visual) on what I'm doing wrong or right. Other tan that I realy liked the sounds and the gfx and how smooth and responsive the controls were.


  • music
  • sfx
  • performance
  • gfx


  • sense of speed vs. handilng: Feels like you have to drive real slow to get around corners. Can't feel that "push it to the limit"
  • physics: a small pat to the back of the car spins it around 360. Makes drifting while mowind down poles unrewarding.
  • jumps are not visible enough: The angle of the camera plus the rendering/lighting/textures make it hard to see jumps. Entering a jump unexpected makes it impossible to correct heading.
  • Progression: No indication on how well are you doing. Other rally games have checkpoints and show the player how far behind/ahead they are compared to competition.

Thanks, got it! I was concentrating on the center of the screen, saw only the play button. Expected to get some sort of tutorial in-game ;)

What are the controls?

I just added the prototype of my game Kill Moon.
It's a gory top down shooter. Let me know what you think.
As it's a prototype it's missing a lot of features. You are immediately thrown into the game, there are no menus. When your health reaches zero nothing happens you can continue to play. So... bear that in mind :D