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Bunny Trail Junction

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Having the ceiling as a kill plane felt a bit harsh. However, great concept. The art is beautiful. And "This game runs on original hardware" is certainly a flex.

This strikes me as a very clever way to hit the theme very hard with very little time. Well done. I think the controls were a bit awkward. I considered suggesting the scroll wheel or right click to switch, but some people are on macs. Perhaps using space to switch instead of (or in addition to) 1-2-3 would work well? But I had fun.

Very nice concept. Could stand a reset button for those who wish to start over.

I was not expecting this spin on the theme, and it is hilarious. What an excellent entry.

Thanks! If we make it into the top 3000 out of 7000 entries, I'll be so stoked, let alone the top 100.

Lovely game. Loads of fun for the whole family.

The take on the theme was unusual and quite great. The actual hitboxes on the goblins were unforgiving, and while game indicated that there was a time limit, I did not hit the time limit before I got tired of the goblins running under my mouse ignoring my clicks.

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Thanks for the feedback!

It's not unskippable at all. Pressing any key on the game over screen will jump you back to the title screen. However, I did go in and speed it up a little.

Very very nice. I especially liked when I thought I knew how things were going to go, and angled toasters and clouds started mixing in.

Very, very nice. I especially appreciate the elegance of the control scheme. You did a lot with a little.

This is a godsend