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It's not the end that matters.)) And thanks! 

Thanks! You can check the other games I did as well))

Thank you!)

Hi! Me, and yes, they do: Only updating it finally over the last few days.

Feed your soul then))

That warms my heart!))

In mine it means the edge/the verge, but also the bell ringing for the dead ;-) 

Thx my queen.

Posprejované české ručičky. Náhodou u nás vznikají krásné hry. A díky!


Thank you! Although it was not a direct inspiration, I really like Tarkovsky's films, I appreciate such a strong compliment ;)

Thank you!)) 

Hi, not really, but I guess I might as well build one)

Glad you like it!)

Kdo ví ;-) 

Díky! Možná, víc lidí mi říkalo, že je matoucí, když pořád střílí ze zadku)) Ale whatever, aspoň je to trochu výzva ;-)) Třeba někdy udělám druhý díl. 

Hello there, my first time posting something here. 

I just released a small game today, which took about a year to make, mainly because all of the visuals were hand made. It's not really intended to be a fun game, more like an atmospheric artwork. I just wanted this thing I'd been working on for quite long to get to as many people as it could.

It's rather short and simple, more like an isometric walking simulator. Share your thoughts in the comments, I'll be happy to read them. 

Thanks and may the Force be with you! Josef

Neboj, dohrál! Klikal jsem fakt dlouho a pak se konečně něco zase stalo a už to bylo v pohodě) A má to víc konců?

Hezký!)) V jeden moment jsem už necházel jen unremarkable stones a bál se, že je konec, nebo je to rozbitý.

Hahah, thanks a lot! No gps on the map was totally intentional, but I we're not aware of the map opening bar filling feature :-D Oh well. I agree the rythmic game needed a lot of tuning and we've already made a lot of changes since the jam submissions closed. I think we'll upload a newer, cooler, better and in general awesome version of the game sometime next week. 

Thanks for the feedback! I also enjoyed your game a lot, it was cute. I'm not a fan of pixelart but for some reason I found it compelling in this case. Also the colour palette was really fitting.

Thank you kind sir!

Daaamn. I really liked this, but rage-quit it after a fifth attempt on the purple puzzle. Every time I was convinced I had the pattern but no. Starting all over makes it super annoying, since the previous puzzles aren't even a challenge. Anyway, great job! Really hooked me in!)))

Thanks a lot! )) Yeah well it was a surprising combo for us as well. We enjoyed making it)

Thank you! We meant for many of the UI elements to be more legible, but never got to it. Do you have a suggestion as to how to to it? Shader?) 

The author of the musical pieces is webik150.

Wow, thanks for the vid, my own computer is too weak to record it without lag :-D Anyway I can see the camera confiner doesn't work well with an ultra wide screen such as yours. Tnat's a shame, I've got no idea how to fix that tho...

Oh, I didn’t experience that)) Thank you, I’ll look into it!)

Thanks! 😉

Ok... there’s one with on the button with the question mark in the main menu. Maybe i could include it in the pause menu as well)) Thanks!

Great news! Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!)) Looking forward to seeking what you come up with. A few days ago, I was just writing an article about Terra Nil, so I got even more personally involved :-D I like the artworks, although I have to admit, the designs don't really reflect the overall feeling of the pixelart version of T.N. I've got lots of love for Ghibli, however the designs have too much of a "permanent" feeling, I liked how all the buildings in T.N. get dismantled and recycled and the visuals left a lot of space for the player to imagine the details and technology. Whereas these, although beautiful, have more of a steampunk-ish vibe and reflect the needs of humans, which are (to a great benefit) absent from TN. Maybe work with what could be around in the desolate wasteland? Recycle sediments of plastic, work with grass, build with clay... I dunno. Like there has been a lot written about sustainable, ecological architecture)) May the Force be with you!

Looks great and hilarious! Will there be a Catalina-runnable DMG version for OSX?))

I imagined it being solely for the purpose of cleaning up. Not even anthropocentric self-justifying of humanity, perhaps like the entire operation is AI directed and then after the mission is efficiently accomplished, the rockets just steer themselves into the Sun or something, not to leave traces behind. Well but not everything needs explaining. 

Great game! Thank you! I must say the Islands were really challenging, they took me three attempts to complete. And even then in the end it was really close. Like 3 points left close. I really hope for more content some day. Maybe an ending even - like where did the rockets go or something.)) The idea has a lot of potential, you could do different environments, different principles of restoring the nature, maybe have an overall counter of the global climate or something. Good luck!

Love ya! Thanks, that helped! The OS still didn't wanna open the app as it is from an unauthorized publisher ( :-D ) and may contain malware, but this time I just allowed the app to open anyway in Security General Settings and it finally ran!) Thanks a lot for the effort, I'm sure others will also find this useful. I'm off to finally play your game) May the Force be with you!

I'm sure I'm not the only one, who will appreciate it! Thank you!) I run Catalina 10.15.6 on a late 2015 13-inch Macbook Pro (256 Gb) if it helps in any way)) I can also send screenshots. 

Did it several time, tried running the terminal from different folders, it always, however says: 

usage: chmod [-fhv] [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-a | +a | =a  [i][# [ n]]] mode|entry file ...

chmod [-fhv] [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-E | -C | -N | -i | -I] file ...

And the file icon doesn't change, it remains blank. Btw it previously asked for my password, now it doesn't.  Maybe i should do something with the .zip itself? Dunno. 

Nope... "No such file or directory" ((

Hey)) Yes. And yes. It literally says:

 chmod: Terra*: No such file or directory

Canť get the game running on MacOS Catalina for some reason. Tried running the command, but it says No such file or directory. Even tried re-writing the command - but to no avail. The game looks great, I'd love to play it)) Recommendations?