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Great game! I love it! Gave it a spin on the Mac with no issues. I met Warren Robinett (original Adventure creator) a few years ago. Cool guy. Bet he would love this!

Great game...nice work!

Very cool. Love it!


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Just launched my first game on itch. Sphera Turris is a rotating platformer where you guide a ball past an array of increasingly difficult obstacles to the top of a tower. Precision controls, environmental physics, and challenging levels will have you trying over-and-over to shave a few tenths of a second off your best times. The custom music created by Mark Wiedmann goes great with the colorful, futuristic graphics. Download it now and start comparing speed run times and tips with your friends.

Check out Sphera Turris

Thanks to the dev team for fixing a bug in the theme editor late last night that was preventing me from launching. You guys are the best!

Thanks a bunch. You guys are great. Works fine now!

In the "Edit Theme" area for my new game, I click on the Banner "Upload" and give it an image but it just immediately jumps to 100% and the image doesn't show up. I had a different image in there at one point but removed it. Now it won't let me give a new image. It actually does this for any of the Image uploads in the Edit Theme.

Anything going on with this feature? Am I doing something wrong?