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Thanks for adding the Linux version! Just bought it, any chance the Linux version will be workable via Steam soon?

I can try it out tomorrow, I'll let you know if it starts

Really enjoying the full game, thanks for supporting Linux!

Congrats on the release!

Awesome, glad to see this still being worked on!

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Will this be available on Linux? I'd love to get it!

Looks like they're listening ;-)

This likes really silly and fun, any chance you'll put out a Linux version? Thanks!

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Found out about this on, can't wait to try it out!

Thanks for adding back Linux support! I'll test the steam version soon

oh, okay, thanks for the clarification!

I just tried 0.9.5 (downloaded it before you took it down but hadn't tried it) and it seemed fine on my system. I didn't do any extensive testing, but I could see pretty far in game.  SteamOS  beta, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 (415.27 drivers).

Hey, the game loads in SteamOS now, thanks!

Please make this into a full game ! 

So that's why it isn't listed for Linux now?

great news! Can't wait

This game looks fun, I plan on getting it soon, are there plans for shared/split screen co-op? Thanks for supporting Linux!

Heard about this on gaming on Linux, it looks like fun! I'll buy a copy as soon as payday comes around :-)

I got it to load with Proton 3.16.4, but the game couldn't detect my game controllers

Hi, this looks fun, have you considered a release on Linux as well?

I would love to see a Linux version of this game eventually! It looks great