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God gamer definetly :D Thanks for the feedback, an updated version is one the way some time this year :)

This is indeed even more bonkers. Also your rating result and GMTK video appearance is bonkers! Congrats to the whole team, I'll follow and you make sure to bonk on! :D

Thanks! Definitely a feature left on the drawing board due to the lack of time. Thanks for playing and the feedback!

I would never come up with this kind of idea, it's super interesting. I found the learning curve to be quite steep, but maybe that's just my bad gaming skills. Nicely done effects as well, it has good potential!

Very good idea, with fun execution. Spent quite some time to find the last few persons and kind of spammed tornados :D Just an idea if you'd like to continue development. Had a lot of fun playing it.

I'm a sucker for isometric games, looks really good! Also, you managed to put in so much content in the game in such a short time. Had a great time playing it!

A very cool idea, also good way to keep it simple enough and short for a jam playthrough. Nice!

Very well though out concept. You've managed to put out a lot of game in a short time. Needed some time to get used to the idea, once I got the grasp of it, it was very fun to play.

Very much roles reversed. Hit's the spot after a rough day for sure haha. Well done, a fun idea and good execution for the given time.

Funny game, good idea for the theme haha. Simple bit sized game, great for the jam

Thanks you for playing and thank you for the feedback. I had this in my list but ran out of time to implement in but it would make the gameplay better I agree :) Thanks.

Haha I'm happy to hear you got a two for one deal :D "feed the stupid blind snake" really cracked me up :D

Such an amazing job with this game. A great idea very well executed. You can push yourself to 10+ obstacles just for the challenge. Really nice mechanics! 

Very interesting and out of the box idea, I like it. I see people have mentioned the controls, but it's ok, that's what jams are for. Had fun playing in none the less.

Thank you! And of course :)

Thank you for playing and for the great feedback! An "incoming" signal was definitely part of the plan, I just ran out of time. The slow falling down and the sound was all I could do in the time I had. Definitely a good idea :)

A very nice looking platformer. Interesting ideas with how you implemented the theme. It really has potential. Don't worry about the bug it happens. Had a great time playing it.

Thanks! I agree it's very challenging, I could win either 😬

Thank you very much, I'm happy to hear that!

Thank you very much! :)

Fun mini game, had a blast getting different endings and the "news stories" cracked me up. Well done!

Glory to Zabovia!

Haha the voices cracked me up! It has a lot of potential, it's also visually very pleasing. Well done to the whole team, this made me laugh and enjoy :)

Hehe thanks, the jam definitely hits different :D

Haha I didn't even know that's possible :D Thank you for the great feedback and of course :)

A very polished game, very satisfying to play, the sound and feel makes me feel goood :D

"Definitely not the worst game" - just putting it here.

So much work to be done in 48h, honestly impressed. So many possibilities going further, I hope you keep it up!

A very very nice game, I enjoyed the puzzles a lot and was kind of sad once I got to the end. Very polished as well, really good job!

Brilliantly chaotic fun game. So many laughs playing this one, soooo well done!

So many good things mixed into this masterpiece. A lot of fun, very good game!

Brilliant! Pinny grew on me and I sabotaged him even before I was supposed to haha. Such a sweet game, well done!

Thanks! :)

Bonkers game, such great puzzle and level design, congrats to the whole team!

Haha, I had the exact same experience :D Thanks for playing!

An unusual twist and take on the theme, well done. enjoyed my time going through levels and figuring out what I need to do. Thanks for the game

Bombastic game! Couldn't make it into the rankings, maybe I'll do better in the rumored post-jam (kind of :D ) version

Oh man so nice, very well executed and very cute art, loved it!

Thanks! I wanted to make some models but ran out of time.  Glad it's still nice enough too look at for a jam game :)

Nice take on the game. took me "only" 21 mice, is that good? :D Well done!

Congrats! :D I still think it's impossible, but you guys are wining somehow :D

Nice idea, would love to see it expanded, well done!