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just redownloaded the game after you said that, no idea how or why but the "start!" button didn't even show up on my first download but its there now

so how do i start the game? the mouse only has three buttons and none of them are starting the game, only endlessly switching the starting hand

what are the controls

check out "packpack hero" its alot like that

what cruel women would name their child Karen in 2021?


"reading isn't a hobby, it's just something people say when they don't have any actual hobbies."

what's wrong with reading?

great game but the time between text boxes are like this:

The Littlest Troop of Girl Scouts wonder through the woods where they stumble upon a boy in the middle of the woods. what follows is a light hearted tale of adventure mixed with dark humor and petty arguments as unknowingly to the scouts they are being followed by the boy's father.

i think you misunderstood me. I understand the point of the art, I'm just putting in my opinion on censorship as this is supposed to make you think about your opinions of censorship. do not take any of what I said as a attack as I meant no offence to your art.

The majority of Islamic states punish being LGBT with imprisonment or death

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I'm not French, just bad at spelling. I read a lot of books and one my favorite authors is Richard Wright who died in Paris, so I wanted to put the short story in Paris as a semi-reference to him. Also I tend to put my writing in country's I'm not from for variety's sake. in fact I have full fledge book coming out in a few months here that takes place in Mexico,(this time professionally proof read!)

as for the TWs. I thank you for advice about how to better do them in the future. most books I read don't have any TW so I'm not used to how they normally work. though in the TW I do say there is "erotic content" which I thought covered sexual content.

I am not muslim. in fact the point of the short story is mostly its about Islams views about my LGBT brothers and sisters.

first try, got 23. my years of playing binding of Isaac have paid off.

censorship is the tool of Nazis and cowards

how so? Criticisms is a great resource to an artist, so I'm interested in your review.


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how do i change the resolution? im only getting half of any card


when you upgrade charging it makes "acid flower" stop working

I found the Black Sphere on the white horizon. Any chance we can learn what the audio is from?

some how easier to beat with only the space bar

merry Christmas yall. marks three years of me doing the daily with my morning breakfast

let it be known, that i never missed a title, or flooded one. that is all

great game but if you die in the "you win game" ear the sound ear rapes you



does not work at all, only crashes my compute

theres no eye symbol at the locked door. i have nowhere to put in 631

where do i put in the code???

simply put this is a amazing puzzle game. truly the best I've seen in this jam. simple and concise, you should be proud.

no i did and i went into the kings palace with my eyes closed but i still get nothing

i have all the stuff, why cant i see the king?

out of 700 games i have downloaded on this is one of the only times its happened

how the shit did you make a better souls boss then the entire last half of eldenring?

a short and shocking story about love and culture

hey is there a level selector? i wanna play the new levels but i don't want to do the old ones again 

Clara sits alone. The ones she loved gone to fight. With only herself to keep her company, she's made a lot of friends by herself. She sings to herself and wishes she could clean and feed herself regularly. Join her in a average day of her life.

really good, rather like the slow change kultisti has gone from visual novels and puzzle games to platformer action games. i have no complaints what so ever, this is the best you have done, but pipeskull is still my favorite

WW2 is far more terrifying then just a long faced monster in a tunnel screaming in your face. a game where you were just running away from enemy soldiers while out of ammo would have been memorable and far better.