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very well done and impressive. granted I'm biased because I love puzzle games.

why was this in "fresh" games? wasn't it made like a year ago?

easily my new favorite bad piggy game. amazing

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thank you so much, this is working fine except for the incorrectly tagged games. but you still made it go from 99% porn 1% games to 60% games, 40% porn.

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i have nothing against sex and nudity in art. but there is a difference between say, "fear and hunger" and "OWO I'm trapped in a dungeon with all these delicious cocks! - a RPG adventure" just to give an example of art and porn.

good job studiousHam for behaving very maturely at the end. it is hard for people to admit when they had acted wrongly

im trying but its not working.

but i have no issue with nudity and sex in art. i just don't want "erotic" stuff.

if i want porn I can just look it up, but i'm not about to try and ruin the fun for others. so is there any way I can block the entire "erotic" tag? even when I select "roleplay" games its just porn.

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can't remember the last time Israel threw gay people off roofs. or dragged them behind motorbikes until they died. or punished being gay with ten years imprisonment, or stole relief funds and water pipes to make missiles. all things Palestine has done. Palestine also doesn't have gay nightclubs or pride parades, Israel does.

If a culture actively tries to kill me, my family, and my friends, then that culture deserves to disappear, whether the followers of that savage culture learn to abandon it or are destroyed is up to them, just as its up to you to let wolfs into your sheep den because you think the shepherds are too harsh.

that feel when a guy makes a game where every single thing in it would get the creator executed in the country he supports over the country that wouldn't kill him

way too easy, though kinda funny and pretty enjoyable. overall it just refreshing to have a daniel Mullins game that isn't "pony island" or "pony island 2, the hex" or "pony island 3: the gathering", or "pony island 4: pony island 2"

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I see. I would agree and say my main hobby is video games followed by "fiction novels" then.

also, I feel like the past tense should be used for the farmer.

i appreciate the reply, and look forward to the update.

any way to fix the resolution?

i cannot delete the music of the game

why? how? what?

Animated Amphetamines

Madness, drugs, violence, and alliterations.

The final memoir of reporter Suzuki Dannos, which has started a great debate amongst those who know of his story and of those affected by his crimes on internet forms, podcasts, in bars late at night,  and on other occasions where lesser-known real-crime stories are told. 

For the first time, the complete translation from Japanese to English tells the story of how the Holm-Anime convention turned into a bloody, drug-filled, and chaotic venue. As told by the perpetrator himself.

Whether he is a misunderstood man under stress or a self-righteous maniac will be debated forever, as the pages written show not even Danno knew for sure.

Is he a victim of circumstance and impulse? Or a manipulative villain?

Or as Danno would perhaps word it:

A waste of a wise winner or a wacko wandering whiner?

Written by Danno Suzuki

Translated by a person only known as W*

*This is a work of fiction and written by W


 i went back to edit my comment to fix the pronoun issue, if I missed one I apologize

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a bit about myself first:  I never went to an art school or a writing class or a writers workshop, ect. I am a poor man from the American Midwest with a GED so I cannot relate to this person's higher educational experience. the main reason I never sought higher education is that my dad never had an art class but is such a good painter he's actively won awards, even in out-of-state art contests, and told me many times that if he can do it without paying for art lessons, then art lessons must be a scam. I assume the same is true with writing. and this manifesto definitely proved my own bias against art school my dad taught me. unfortunately, my praises end there.

to the actual manifesto: when the writer said "i'd do everything right, convinced I was making "good art" but when I look back, all I see is "bad art."" isn't an OCPD thing, they even acknowledges it but then goes back to using their disorder as an explanation for feeling something that all artist feel. hell, my father - who is neurotypical - painted one of the best paintings I ever saw for Halloween, it was of a Ballerina being attacked by a face hugger, it looked as if she was both dancing and recoiling in pain at the same time, it was beautiful. but he didn't like it, and said that the slime coming off the face hugger looked more like cobwebs instead of slime, so he destroyed it with paint remover and used the canvas for something else.

the writer also seems to blame their autism and OCPD for the fact that he isn't recognized. they seem to forget that the ocean is wide and full of art, they just didn't get lucky. there aren't that many artistic people out there, hence why we're called "neurodivergent" and not "neurotypical". and just because somebody is neurodivergent doesn't mean they aren't capable of making something popular, just look at pokemon. in fact japan as a country has the highest percentage of autistic people of any country and is renowned for its art.

the artist then claims that "neurodivergent art is fundamentally different than neurotypical art", besides the fact that all art is different to all art, how? how does my writing get to be on some other group because of how I was born? clearly, my art would be different if I wasn't neurodivergent but same thing if I was born a woman or in Arkansaw or literally anything other than my current life. All of our lives are different so all our art made with our souls put into it is different to all other art.

they then go on to say "art critique doesn't matter and it doesn't really help anyone,-" and "art critique just supports oppression." and, like, speak for yourself. if that is your philosophy in art go ahead, my philosophy is "to be a good critic, one must be a good artist, to be a good artist, one must be a good critic.", if you don't know how to make something, you cannot truly give advice on how to do it, but if you can't judge the 'thing' at all, then how can you do it well?

to showcase this: the writer says "one shouldn't judge art if it isn't overtly "problematic"" which is nonsensical as you have to judge art in the first place to deem it "problematic"

what is "problematic" however is when the writer says "dis_ablity brings a whole set of expression with it, a whole way of looking at things, a whole way of preceding the world" (as if all humans don't have a unique experience with life) and then they go on to say, "Dis_abled people will always make dis_abled art, and nondis_abled people don't like dis_abled art." which is just utterly false. many disabled people have made well-received art, myself included, and to say that all non-disabled people will not like any art disabled people make is frankly insulting, self-aggrandizing, and also puts anybody not disabled into a "them" group while putting everybody who is disabled into a "us" group. it's the same argument that ageism, ableism, sexism, racism, and all the other big bad "isms" use, the argument of: "I'm better not because of anything I do or don't do, I'm just born better, and those not born like me are inherently out to harm me."

there are many neurodivergent people. I'm one of them, this creator is one of them. i don't let it become my entire identity, a crutch, an excuse because I'm a person with autism, not an autistic person. this person, however... well, you get the point. the only thing about autism they said that I liked was "being autistic is walking a thin line between being infantilized or being inspirational. we are neither, we are we."

this person then goes on to basically say "I want to make art for art's sake, not for praise or money, and I want to see art made for the same reason, not art made for praise or money." (I'll ignore the contradiction that earlier on they lamented not being able to live off of art, but also not wanting to make art for money for the point I'm about to make:) but... yeah... I agree. Art is my reason for living, when I was working a shitty job, with shitty hours, and long bike rides home, I wrote in the bathroom and during my breaks. The maker of "who killed captain aleks" was in a third-world nation that was at war, with little access to water in his village and almost no money to his name; and he made a fucking movie! because he wanted to make a movie. because the craving for art in the artist surpasses all else. 

all art should be made for one person: the artist. and all my work is made for one person: me. but I'm still willing to know what people think of it. all criticism is welcome. I'll disregard most if not all of it. but you spent your time on it, might as well tell me what you think. the writers, however, seem to think just because somebody made art the way they wanted to make it that people are bad for giving their two cents on an art piece. that I disagree with. so to reference the title: 

if you don't like criticism, just don't fucking listen.

just redownloaded the game after you said that, no idea how or why but the "start!" button didn't even show up on my first download but its there now

so how do i start the game? the mouse only has three buttons and none of them are starting the game, only endlessly switching the starting hand

what are the controls

check out "packpack hero" its alot like that

what cruel women would name their child Karen in 2021?


"reading isn't a hobby, it's just something people say when they don't have any actual hobbies."

what's wrong with reading?

great game but the time between text boxes are like this:

The Littlest Troop of Girl Scouts wonder through the woods where they stumble upon a boy in the middle of the woods. what follows is a light hearted tale of adventure mixed with dark humor and petty arguments as unknowingly to the scouts they are being followed by the boy's father.

i think you misunderstood me. I understand the point of the art, I'm just putting in my opinion on censorship as this is supposed to make you think about your opinions of censorship. do not take any of what I said as a attack as I meant no offence to your art.

The majority of Islamic states punish being LGBT with imprisonment or death

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I'm not French, just bad at spelling. I read a lot of books and one my favorite authors is Richard Wright who died in Paris, so I wanted to put the short story in Paris as a semi-reference to him. Also I tend to put my writing in country's I'm not from for variety's sake. in fact I have full fledge book coming out in a few months here that takes place in Mexico,(this time professionally proof read!)

as for the TWs. I thank you for advice about how to better do them in the future. most books I read don't have any TW so I'm not used to how they normally work. though in the TW I do say there is "erotic content" which I thought covered sexual content.

I am not muslim. in fact the point of the short story is mostly its about Islams views about my LGBT brothers and sisters.

first try, got 23. my years of playing binding of Isaac have paid off.

censorship is the tool of Nazis and cowards

how so? Criticisms is a great resource to an artist, so I'm interested in your review.


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how do i change the resolution? im only getting half of any card


when you upgrade charging it makes "acid flower" stop working