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It's the 'Enter' Key


Went 23 in a row with zero deaths. Best I've done so far.

Just dropped a 60 piece, yes lot of deaths but hey I did 60.

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I've done a feedback survey but I forgot to add one thing. I'd like it if the map had little icons for the destructible objects such as the rusted robots, the pillars you destroy and make all the exp come to you, the roots (possibly it depends) and the Beehives.

Level 2's hidden sign is damn hard to get I gave up after like twenty minutes of trying to do it.

I had one run where if I didn't make a few mistakes I could have beaten Yoon's run of 1914. In the end I got 1930.

The game keeps freezing and subsequently not responding. I don't know why it's happening, but I am on Chromebook if that helps.

I like this game, I just wish the controls were better, cause sometimes I try to go one tile over and the game moves me over two or even three tiles over.

I like this game, but it's controls are a bit finicky. Aiming is a challenge in that its not that responsive and smooth, making it hard to aim. The movement is also funky, as you need to hold to move even a little bit and even then you move too far.

I have one problem with this game, and it's that you need to download a qr scanner to do one of the versions of the chaos chest. I feel like that is a bit of a bad way to do this type of thing.

I like this game, I just feel like the difficulty is a bit too hard

Actually love this game, just wish it was a tad bit harder and had more things. Hopefully you come back to it, cause I love it

Well then, I'm stuck.

That was indeed the case, I did not think that I was far away from the starting block, thank you

I made a new world and did not get a starting block, I am now stuck

Love this game, wish there was a endless mode

The difficulty of this is insane, I haven't even been able to get a full stack yet

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I just had one of my guys die to fire AFTER the battle finished, I feel like that when a battle finishes it shouldn't take near 10 seconds to put you back to the shop/bounty phase and instead should put you back to it instantly. My guy also had my only relic

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Game is glitchy with a vital track missing, aka the T Track which would allow trains to go either left or right, Can't delete your progress if you heavily messed up, Some trains get stuck, it is a good game, but definitely needs improvement and I know it can thrive, it just needs some more work put into it

Thank you

How do I move a vein around?

I managed to clip out of the map at the area before the bridge, there was a gap that I could slip into.

This game is really hard

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How do you get the bridge to work?

Nvm figured it out

This game has a serious difficulty curve, sometimes you get stuck with an enemy next to you and you can't match to kill them

I managed to make a ghost person. The way it happened was that I went to equip an empty character slot, and then when I exited there was the third spot unlocked.

I got a 4 Star run on Forgiving, with 8 or 9 Rich planets, 15 or 16 Prosperous planets and 3 Green planets. My best run by far.

Is this game going to be worked on more? I really like the idea

I like this game, It just needs some better touch controls for those on touchscreen devices

I have an issue with the game, using the mute button in the options doesn't do anything to mute the audio.

I like this game, wish it was a bit easier to understand some of the mechanics but besides that I love it.

I feel like this game needs a rework, when I first played it I had no idea how to shoot, I had to use trial and error to find out that I need to hold down left click to shoot. A few complaints I have is that there is no tutorial, your thrown into the deep end without a pool noodle, the game doesn't do anything to try and help you, and it's glitchy. I hope this game gets a rework because i like the concept.

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I broke the game. My spaceship went to fast with thrusters and ended up spinning around like all hell, I broke the game so much so that two SpaceMen indicators appeared. I think I may have broke it thanks to putting on to much stuff in one area.

Love the game. There's only one thing I can say that makes this game a little hard to try and map out, the text.If there was an option to change the text to something easier to read this game would be perfect