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Game is glitchy with a vital track missing, aka the T Track which would allow trains to go either left or right, Can't delete your progress if you heavily messed up, Some trains get stuck, it is a good game, but definitely needs improvement and I know it can thrive, it just needs some more work put into it

Thank you

How do I move a vein around?

I managed to clip out of the map at the area before the bridge, there was a gap that I could slip into.

This game is really hard

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How do you get the bridge to work?

Nvm figured it out

This game has a serious difficulty curve, sometimes you get stuck with an enemy next to you and you can't match to kill them

I managed to make a ghost person. The way it happened was that I went to equip an empty character slot, and then when I exited there was the third spot unlocked.

I got a 4 Star run on Forgiving, with 8 or 9 Rich planets, 15 or 16 Prosperous planets and 3 Green planets. My best run by far.

Is this game going to be worked on more? I really like the idea

I like this game, It just needs some better touch controls for those on touchscreen devices

I have an issue with the game, using the mute button in the options doesn't do anything to mute the audio.

I like this game, wish it was a bit easier to understand some of the mechanics but besides that I love it.

I feel like this game needs a rework, when I first played it I had no idea how to shoot, I had to use trial and error to find out that I need to hold down left click to shoot. A few complaints I have is that there is no tutorial, your thrown into the deep end without a pool noodle, the game doesn't do anything to try and help you, and it's glitchy. I hope this game gets a rework because i like the concept.

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I broke the game. My spaceship went to fast with thrusters and ended up spinning around like all hell, I broke the game so much so that two SpaceMen indicators appeared. I think I may have broke it thanks to putting on to much stuff in one area.

Love the game. There's only one thing I can say that makes this game a little hard to try and map out, the text.If there was an option to change the text to something easier to read this game would be perfect