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OH NO, the performance on my computer is too low....

Godot4 seems has much more work to do~~~

And where should I use these assets to start?

Fetched it!

Support your work!

What's more can I get except the yotube tutorial when bought the asset?

And could we use C# in future?

Thank you for enjoying it!

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I bought your app in steam, find there  is no doc in any of your project

Want to know how to use json format in GMS2

Why the final boss kill me immediately

Good idea, I would like learn from you!!!!

Is this gallery updating now?

OK, Gotcha

As Titile.

Does this tool support to export VOXEL format?

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That's great.

Seems RENDER_FIDELITY effects the gap of Z axe.

And RENDER_QUALITY  effects the texture uv quality.

Yes, that works!

Could you tell me what's the difference between RENDER_QUALITY and RENDER_FIDELITY? 


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I use it for fauxton3d

You should use the magicavoxel to create the voxel model first ly 

Then generate the slice image by this tool.

Finally I use this in the Gamemakerstudio and I will update the tool and doc soon.


2.5d sprite stack.

Desktop aliasing

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Hi there, I built a tool to hence up your work.

Vox2Slice by Zhanghua (


 the slice model imported is aliasing...

Add ‎jiggle  ‎while camera moving


If has too many big sprites in one texture group, the draw effect shows weird.

It's normal when separate the sprite apart to another group

Got that, I should calculate the Angle between the player's direction with camera

var cdir = abs(Camera.Angle) % 360;

if ( Camera.Angle < 0 ){ cdir = 360-cdir; }

var dAng = cdir+direction-90;

if ( dAng <0 ){ dAng += 360; }

if ( dAng >=360 ){ dAng -= 360; }

if( moving ){

if( dAng>100 && dAng<260 ){ sprite_index = sprGroup[$ "moveL"]; }

if( dAng>280 || dAng<80  ){ sprite_index = sprGroup[$ "moveR"]; }


When I draw a billboard sprite, and pass the xsacle to -1 for draw_sprite_3d, the result distorted.

How can I get this effect normal?

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Counld this lib return a default value of the fauxton_calculate_sprite_lighting ?

Or throw an error if there is no WorldEnvironment?

function fauxton_calculate_sprite_lighting(_x, _y, _z, _ogColor){

// If no world environment exits exit;

if ( !instance_exists(WorldEnvironment) ) { return c_white; }// while not exit, make the implement uni-formal.

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It works! I understand this now, Thank u 4 Your explanation...

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It's none of business of the ground, Just the cube seems to render on the Z=0?

And you are right, the sub-images of sprite draw step by step. (I scribbles some pattern in the sp_cube) 

This is the  one  image sprite. And the projection on the ground rotates automatically, although making the rotation of the cube self  fixed.  

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Yes. it is visible and seems to change the image index.

I just change the code on ground the default demo1 of the project.

By the way, support your nice work....

Hi there, Why the cube has a strange projection on the ground when I change the Z of the ground less than 0 such as -0.9?

support chinese?

Thank you for your project!

We can build it on arm-architecture and wrap it by jni.

Cause I want to use this lib in Android for Armv7 or Arm64.

Well done! and is this support the ArmLinux?

Anybody home?

good job



The gms2 is free for using now  except exporting app but can running game in test model.

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The GMS2's autoTiling is this 16 tiles' stuff. So I have to fill the missing 3 blocks by changing your origin image now.

But it needs your professional work whatever. Thank you!

Hi Guy, Nice work!

Can u help me adapting the GMS2's 16 autotile? 


Where could I download the Pro Version????

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Create another default background layer under your BackFloor can solve it.

The same thing....


IDE v23.1.1.306

Runtime v23.1.1.305

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Yes, maybe it's a bug of the newest GMS23

Solved through your code.


And can create another default background layer under your BackFloor to solve this issue as same as you.