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I really dig this game and it's really impressive for one person with a full-time job! It reminds me a little bit of the game "Academagia." 

It's probably not your priority right now but if you ever wanted a proofreader I'd be happy to help for free; I have a good deal of editing experience, and combing through for typos and grammatical errors would be no trouble. :) Thanks for all your work!

It's fun! I got the effect by spraying the inside of the shell; since it's clear, it shows through. And I picked out buttons to match the colors I  had. The original manufacture buttons feel a little better in my opinion, but not significantly so. Customization is a lot of fun. :)

Thanks! :D I spray-painted a clear shell!

So glad to hear! :)

Thank you so much! :)  I really appreciate your comment a lot, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. <3

Stuck here, can't move. :( X and Z make just noises. Will try again later. I really like this game, good job. <3

Ahhh my bad I thought "x" would advance dialogue as well. I'll add that to the page right away. Thank you for letting me know! I play GB roms on the gameboy myself using a flash cartridge, but most people don't, and I want to make sure the experience is smooth for everyone. I am sorry you've run into difficulties, but I'm truly grateful you've taken the time to let me know so I can make sure future players can avoid running into the same difficulties.

Hi *AAmici! Thanks for checking out the game! I'm sorry it's giving you trouble.

Have you tried pressing "x" on the main screen? I believe that should progress you to the actual game. I apologize for not putting the controls on the page, and will be sure to amend that right away.

Also if you're playing on browser I recommend that you lower/mute the volume, as it doesn't sound good in my experience unless on emulator or gameboy. The static you're hearing is intended to sound sort of like the crashing of waves - but in browser (at least on chrome, for me) it sputters a lot and just sounds like gross noise. I'm no composer so you won't be missing out on much with the sound off.

Please let me know if there's anything else you need help with in order to enjoy the experience. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out, and for drawing my attention to this issue so I can improve the experience for everyone. I hope it works for you and that you have a good time! Thanks again. :-)

Yeah I need to fix that right away! So sorry about that, thank you for sticking with it.

I liked that about the platform edges, too. I'm not much of a platformer person, it's nice (for me) to see one that isn't designed to stress you out haha. It was actually pretty relaxing.

100% my bad, needed to adjust the window because the bottom was being cut off, so I didn't even see the menu.

I liked the game a lot!

I just wanted to reach out about how it appears you made a custom shortcut icon that now seems to be replacing the shortcut icon on all games from the same version of RPGmaker? Do you know anything about this? It's not really that big of a deal, not even really annoying or anything, but I would like to set the icon back to default...

Thank you!

How do I put objects other than foliage down?

Really cuuuute. Some polishing is needed in places, like with the graphics - I walked under the snail for example, and the main character sprite appeared underneath the snail's, when it should have been on top to facilitate the illusion I was walking in front of it.

I think the dice game is a really neat idea and well thought out, but it took me until part way through the fight with Nevaeh to grasp what I was doing and play more strategically  - could benefit from a bit more explanation somewhere. Main gripe is that "shaking the dice" added a confusing element, because I  wasn't sure (still not totally sure) if it really made any difference if I hit the arrows in time or not. Additionally, when "shaking the dice" ends you just sort of sit there and need to press "z" to progress. This felt unnecessary and clunky, I eventually got used to it, but I think it would be better if it just progressed forward on its own.

Overall I really enjoyed this! I feel like you have something here, a lot of good material that, with a bit of polish, would be a really awesome game.

Thanks for the feedback! And thanks so much for sticking with it. I think maybe if I make the event trigger bigger it might help? (I'm looking at it in gb studio and I only made it one square big?! What was I thinking ahhhhh)

Thank you so much!

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I was thinking to myself that this was especially hilarious after taking a medieval literature class, and very much how my professor described the medieval attitudes towards things like impotence and penis humor...

...and then I got to the credits and you reference an article by Carissa Harris! She was my professor! Small world! Have you reached out to her about this game? I feel like she would get a huge kick out of it.

If not I hope it's OK I sent it to her!

Closed without killing the bird. I feel like compassion was just keeping it company for a while and feeling for it. Seeing some comments here about how it's wrong to put the player in the position where the only  option is violence but I think it's important to remember (in the world of video games where violence is often the main tool we're given to interact with the world given to us) that there's always another option - no one can force you to do anything. (Of course you're not going to spend $60 on a AAA title like GTA only to turn it off when you're given a gun, but this is different.) Though  I was honestly tempted to kill the bird because I often play out games to see multiple endings,  I couldn't do it. I wonder if I made the right choice?

Reminds me of a baby squirrel my boyfriend and I tried to save. I cried a lot when it died, it was so small and fragile. I hope that we were able to comfort it in its last moments - we only had it for an hour or two. That might be anthropomorphizing a bit, but we found it on the sidewalk and brought it inside and kept it warm in a washcloth. The thing is, most people would probably not have tried to help, and I understand - it hurts a lot to get invested even a little. It's easier to look away.

If this were real life I might have tried to take the bird home in a shoebox. But that wasn't an option, so I closed the game when I was done clicking the flowers. I understand that you're put in a position where you want to do *something* for the bird, but if you don't like the options given to you, you don't have to take them.

Mine did not.

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I'm crying...

I picked this up without reading the description, so when it opens with "are you a boy or a girl" I honestly just thought I was going to have to choose, and I clicked "boy"... and then it was like "NO" and I was like "oh... oh my god, yes..."

I've loved pokemon as long as  I  can remember, but that question vexes me. It's almost a relief to play gen 1 and not have to choose at all, though being masc-leaning is probably part of that too... 

This really captures the feeling of loving and caring for these creatures in a way that  I felt was portrayed in the pokemon anime, but less so in the games and even less in other monster taming games out there. The protagonist's empathy for all the familizards was something really relatable to me, and  I was really touched by the part when just imagining the familizards helped them feel better.

Thank you for this experience. It warmed my heart.

Me too. :(

Thanks a bunch, Saul! I really appreciate the thorough and transparent answer.

Hello~ I'm sorry for kind of a silly question, I was just wondering if there are any assurances that can be made about the security of JRNL? Where are the entries stored? Is there any way for another person to remotely access this information? Does any of the information (even stuff like usage data or whatever) get sent to you? Again sorry for the silly questions, I am enjoying the app a lot, and I'm not sure what kind of answer I'm expecting. I am just hesitating to write certain things, like personal/medical stuff, and maybe that's just stuff I'll have to exclude from the journal to feel at ease using it, and that's OK. Thanks again for making JRNL and for your support.

OK here's what I think you need to do, let me know if it's still not working: instead of launching in the itch app, find the file location and open "untitled.html" from there. It should hopefully open in your browser. :)

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Hey there! It's no sweat, I'm happy to follow the development of your work! I think it's really cool that you're working on a Life Sim Engine, as some of my favorite games are in that genre, and I don't think anyone else has done anything similar. I don't know when I'll have the time to experiment with LiSE, as much as I want to.  Maybe once this semester is over. Thanks for taking the time to check out my work, and I appreciate the follow, as well!

So I'm going to check out what might be wrong with the game, you might need to download Mosi in order to open it. Either that, or I have made an error in how I exported the game. I will get back to you shortly.

Oh yeah! I didn't even realize your game was mosi because I'm so used to seeing Bitsy everywhere haha. I'll check it out!

Oh crud, I downloaded this because I've been downloading all the gameboy studio games I  can for my new flash cartridge, hours later I realize it's Evan Dahm?! Am a fan of Rice Boy and Order of Tales, need to catch up with Vattu  - I was excited to play this, but even more so now!

This isn't set in Overside, is it?  Anyway real pleased to bump into your work again. I hope 2020 is treating you well. Cheers!

No problem! Could also still be hardware related, my flashcard is new but I have had some occasional glitching/crashing with other games. Possibly I already scratched the microSD, or the cartridge loosened just enough from the console to mess it up, or there was some dust in there, no idea. The only thing that's strange about this glitch is that the menu will come up like normal but when I  choose "load save" I get the white screen again, as if that's where it last saved. So I do have to start over but I  don't mind all too much because I was enjoying the atmosphere and everything. It's a really well done game! A weird one time fluke of a glitch   doesn't detract from that. :)

Believe it's U.

Hiya! Fan of the first game, excited to be running this one on my new flash cartridge! Question: I picked up the umbrella and immediately got a white screen? When I restarted and loaded my save it remains at the white screen with no means of progression. Is this supposed to happen? Thanks!

Playing on a flash cart and it stops after a few sentences. I understand this is still in development - I'm just wondering if there's more that just isn't showing up for some reason, or if I've actually seen all there is so far?

Ok! Thanks. :)

Same here! I wish itch had a message feature, it's hard to keep in touch this way and I don't really want to post my email or other contact info publicly. If you have steam, feel free to add me there. My alias is the same as my username here.

Anyway, thanks again for making this game, playing it was such a nice experience. :)

This is great, but the music quality sounds... distorted? Like it's underwater? Is that supposed to be how it is?

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I love this! My boyfriend and I live in the USA, but he's originally from Paraguay. We've been together for long enough that I've picked up a few things - like Pombero/similar creatures which kidnap/impregnate women, Paraguayan soup/"sopa," terere, stuff like that. He watched me play this and explained some things to me as we went along, it was really fun!

He wanted me to tell you that he'd be interested if you ever wanted a collaborator or someone to help with English. If you'd ever like someone to assist with making graphical assets, I'd also love to help. (I'm more of an artist than a game dev, myself, though I've fiddled around with gb studio.) We both think this is a great project!

I've been really into gameboy hardware stuff lately, like mods and repair. I'm hoping to get my first flash cartridge soon and I look forward to replaying "Yaguarete" on an actual gameboy! :)

Not sure how/if I can add more people to the submission and some of the contributors are not even on itch but of those who I know are: the user "teawench" provided like 99% of the art. I mostly just put everything together in RPGmaker.