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Great demo! But I feel bad for those poor puko penguins. :c

Thank you so much! :)

If I remember correctly, I got the game when it was temporarily free at some point (that happened, right? I'm not just making that up? Haha, my memory is shit.) so the game is attached to my itch account, but when I had the downloads email sent to me, Methods was not on there. Am I eligible for a steam key? If not, will Steam let me leave a review for Methods if I download the demo there? I gotta give a thumbs up!

I love love love your pixel art style! It reminds me a lot of mother 3, but with a bit more of aesthetic OOMPH to it, haha. Also those flower NPCs scurrying away from you are an absolute delight. I love them, they are adorable. Also is the statue a Left Hand of Darkness reference? Because yessssss.

I've found the statue and the Dr. Rivera effects, looking for the third still. Lovely work and I can't wait to see more.

Glad to hear!

Thank you, Widdershins! I appreciate you checking out my game!

I'm glad you brought up the effects issue. What I think is happening: for some reason, the effects don't work from the inventory, you have to go into equipment and put them on. It's a pain and I'm going to add it to the things I need to fix for next update. I hope that fixes the problem, but please let me know if the issue persists.

Currently, the cat effect and the face mask effect are mostly cosmetic with some minor changes to certain events. Face mask will allow you to pass into the city. If you eat the cat food, you get a text box that's like "bleh!!" but if you are wearing the cat effect and eat the cat food... You get a text box that says it still doesn't taste very good.

The Ghost effect will make you invisible to non-supernatural entities, allow you to pass through the city gate, and allow you to pass through some doors.

I really need to make a walkthrough guide or something, because the game is very rough and unintuitive right now! But I hope this helps a bit.

I only need to download V4, right? Or do I need all the zips?

Let me just say I loooove this game. Some things I would love to see in the future:

-The ability to interfuse with doors and open them from afar. 

-Expanded relationships? I've heard people say that they'd like family trees to be a thing, which I 100% agree with, especially since legacies are such a central aspect of the game. Characters have no special reaction to losing a child, sibling, or parent, which is disappointing. (Somewhat related: I once had a father/son pair, Jaymor and Jaymnock. Jaymor died. Later, I got the "character's mother" event, and his mother is all like, "Things have been rough with your father..." and I'm like, no shit, he's dead. Meanwhile Jaymnock ends up looking like a petulant turd who can't abide his mother moving on in any fashion. Oof.) I'm sure this would probably be a pain to program, but it'd be neat if the game kept track of certain things so that events did not contradict with backstories or previous events. Like a hidden stat that just said "orphan" or "father is dead" and would disable any events for that character that wouldn't make sense.

-Dynamic relationships? I only seem to notice relationships moving in a linear direction, like crony -> bloodbond. What if there was an event that ruined a burgeoning friendship, turning it into a rivalry? Or a strong friendship that decays into a business acquaintance as characters grow apart? Particularly during the peaceful years, it would make sense for these kind of developments to happen.

-Marriage events.

-Recurring NPCs.

That's pretty much all I have to say for now. Thanks for the great game!