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Hey everyone! Sorry for the inconvenience (once again) as we had some problems with PayPal and just until now we were able to re-establish our account settings. We've put the game on sale once more so you can buy it with the previous discount. Thanks again for informing us about the problem!

Hey guys! We are looking into this issue and will let you know as soon as we solve it. We will also add a new sale as soon as the problem is solved. Thanks for reporting the problem!

Hello everyone! The full game is now available on Steam:

Thanks you for your comments and feedback! We are glad you enjoyed the game

Thank you for playing! Full game coming soon :)

Thank you! We are very glad you liked the game! For the full release the save system will be fixed and ready to go :)

Hey guys, we are very sorry for the inconvenience! We had a problem with our Pay Pal account and we were not notified. We've extended our holiday sale an additional weekend to make up for the error. Thanks for reporting the problem!

Hi! We updated the game and we also added an options menu to change the resolution and you can switch between windowed and fullscreen. If you run into any other problems let us know!

Thanks! We will upload the fix asap 

Hi! Oh we are very sorry about that! Was it the win or Mac version? So we can upload a fix right away

Thank you very much!! It was a challenge for us to make it work, specially on a game that requires a lot of tells. We are glad you like it!

Thank you!!

Thank you very much! Yeah we noticed it's really awesome for us!

Hi! Pato Box just got a full release! Check it out here:

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We just released the full version of Pato Box, a Punch-Out! inspired action adventure game. The game mixes 2D and 3D elements to recreate a comic book feel and we use only black and white like a graphic novel. You take control of Patobox a boxing champion with the head of a duck that is betrayed by his sponsors Deathflock. You will find the truth about his treason while you explore 3D environments and fight 2D bosses.

Here is the page of the game:

Hi! Yeah its a tricky fight since its supposed to be the third boss of the game.  The trick to the fight is to dodge to the sides when he throws soup. If you see him moving to the left move to the same direction. And to beat him you have to grab the bad food like the rats and throw it at his face and the good food you have to put it on the pot.

Thank you for playing the demo. Stay tuned for the full game!

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Oh! We're going to pay more attention to those problems!

Thanks for your Let's Play! We hope you had fun!

Thank you! And stay tuned for the full game, it will have more awesome bosses!

We're glad you like it! Keep on trying, you should check out the chef's lobster ;)

Thank you so much Slayer! Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for more news about the price of the full game :)

Thanks Ellactric29! We are working hard to improve the full game! Stay tuned!

Thanks you electricshrock! We're working hard on the full game and we will consider your comment to improve it :)

Thanks RVZ! We're happy that you enjoyed the game! Great video!

Thank you! We're glad you had fun with the demo! Stay tuned for the complete game!

Thanks! We really appreciate it! Follow us on facebook: and twitter: We'll be sharing your video ;)

Hey Mikey!!! We really appreciate you liked the game so much! We are launching it on October of this year, if you want to get updates on the development follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebok!

Thank you very much Coh-bear we really appreciate it!

Thanks Raithias! Hope you liked it!

Thank you Thuggybear! :D

Thanks for the comments Clown Nebula we are glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for making a video too, we love seeing people play the game :)