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I can not replicate your issue from the latest build on win 10 64 bit launched from itchio app.    Can you please send me your save file  (found in C:\Users\userifhere\AppData\LocalLow\Broken_Bunny_Studios_Inc\Dark_Hope\ to    I would like to see what could have happened..  I suspect you are just loading more rapidly then expected.   Perhaps I should add in a fade to black when zoning out 

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 As far as the transfer from the main level to the energy lab the actual zoning can happen anywhere after you pass the first door and when things happen fast enough don’t even allow you to make the corner.   Is it possible this is what you are seeing?

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Sounds like a glitch I have not encountered before.  If you save and reload and then walk down that hallway it should take you back out.  

EDIT :   

After multiple rounds of testing I am 99 percent sure what your seeing is just a hiccup from when the level loads faster then expected. I made some small adjustments to make it feel smoother. 

Dark Hope is a puzzle adventure game set in a steampunk world where electricity started and ended its existence with the light bulb. Towering clockwork puzzles and archaic symbols cover the halls. Strange rifts of light span the hallways. Something lurks in the dark your only hope to freedom is to find the truth about this strange abandoned lab.

You wake up in a hallway, No one is around. Where the exit once was all you can see is black, Smoke fills the air. Where are you? Where did everyone go?

The vast majority of the puzzle are environmental mechanical puzzles and discovering clues as to the nature of this strange facility.

Everything is running great but we have a small update coming up soon includes

smoother menu

Head bob and footsteps enable disable

Small texture touch ups. 

these should all be out before the new year and before our official release on Jan 17th

 You can bypass blocks by hitting W and J (or any angle) at the same time

Dev and dev streams will be greatly reduced this weekend due to family in town.

Please continue with the feedback it has been great so far and has already made the game better:    While we won’t be on the computer much we are working on ideas in our private discord and taking feed back in our public.   

Welcoming any and all feedback

Not yet however there is an html5 version(that actually runs rather well)