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I am an educational developer, and I would love the ability to create paid HTML5 games to increase their outreach. Is there a rollout plan for this at the moment?


That would depend on what other games are bundled together. I'm more than happy to participate, but it needs to make sense with the scope of this educational game. 

See my previous comment above. 

Sorry this took so long to get back to you. 

For intermediates, Here are some avenues to take. 

  • If you're looking for help on a specific issue in your game, the construct 3 forums are immensely useful.
  • Construct 3 also has a great library list of tutorials available for a variety of topics
  • Trying to read through and understand the construct Documentation (in combination with forum trolling/posts) is incredibly useful. Not sure what events can be triggered on a timeline? Check the documentation to see how to interact with the tools and how to use specific triggers, events, and blocks.
    • Often times I'd check the documentation if a specific block was not working the way I intended
  • As usual, an internet search with tags "construct 3" and multiple keywords (and learning what correct keywords to use from subsequent searches) really helps with helping to narrow down your specific problem. 

Overall, it takes time working with the game engine to understand how Construct 3 works, and how to best create useful projects. It's quite a fast and powerful engine, but requires some specific ways of writing code to make it do what you want it to. Big advice, don't get stuck in the trap of trying to make your previous code "perfect".  Much of my code is pretty scary on the back end, but it "works" and that's what matters for the game! Even if it is supported by popsicle sticks on the back end, it functions just fine for its intended use case. If you constantly try to go back in and change old code, you will forever be stuck 

PS: (If you wouldn't mind editing your course language in previous posts, that would be great. This game is intended for Highschool students so I wouldn't want to send a wrong message) 

So I know your level of experience, are you looking for a completely beginner guide to Construct 3, intermediate, or some ways of implementing dialogue systems? 

With a lot of time and effort. Construct 3 is a very powerful game engine, and you can make things quite quickly compared to other engines. It's probaly the quickest/most efficient 2D engine out there. Were you looking for resources on how to do something similar? 

Hey! Glad it could help :) 

A No-Nonsense Game about Personal Finance, Money Management, & Budgeting

Take control of your personal finances through game-based learning! Your Financial Story follows your life; from researching top careers, adapting to unexpected life events, practical budgeting, and beyond. Discover how to leave your parent's house, choose a career, and adapt to real life situations as you learn how to budget for life along the way. 

You can download the game here!

  • Practice the world's most effective budgeting method (Zero-sum) in environments tailored to your personal financial situation.

  • Learn top earning careers available with a highschool diploma, trade certificate, or university degree
  • Explore a vast, comic book world, jumping in and out of different panels & environments
  • Experience an engaging real world personal finance simulation 

  • Your Financial Story is designed with the latest in Game-Based Learning research in mind
  • Learn through game mechanics that transfer learning more effectively than traditional paper & pencil learning methods

Game Design & Genesis

After a full year of  working on this project, Your Financial Story is finally released! This game was born out of my frustration with a lack of educational games on the market, and fun educational games as well. As an educator, I saw that many had boring graphics, or were nothing more than glorified quiz games, not Game based learning! I saw games that lacked passion behind them. Even the most popular financial literacy game online is again, a quiz game. In my educational experience, this doesn't get kids engaged! As a teacher, I went to the drawing board and thought about how to best engage my students in financial literacy skills, and get meaningful practice with the content in an engaging way, and hence, Your Financial Story was born.

The game is built upon several years of research under Game-Based Learning methods, and players decide on careers, life paths, and must learn to Zer0-sum budget through play. This makes budgeting practice engaging, and gives players a taste of what the real world might look like if they were to be a chef. Could they afford that basement suite? Or would they need to get a roommate? What happens if their car breaks down? (Or is a car even realistic?) All these types of questions prepare students for the real world, but without a safe sandbox (and fun sandbox) to engage within, students never get the chance to practice these skills and take them with them into the real world. 

The hope is that this game can be used as either an introduction game, learn more financial skills with extended curriculum (learning everything in a single game is impossible, but your financial story is a good start!), then come back and replay the game again, making different financial desicions and discovering how your world changes. 

I hope that this game can make an impact on you, and further your financial goals in life by giving you a structure to build your financial aspirations upon. 

-Mr. Pratt (Or Brogan, if you prefer!) 

Did you ever get this up and running? 

I know you have a Godot plug in, do you have a Construct 3 plug in? 

Hey Matt,

I'm having problems adding this addon to my game. 

3.1 Godot on Mac OSX. 

I've tried adding all the "addon" folder contents to an add on folder in my game, but then there is no option to enable the add-on. 

Then I tried auto-loading the files like you had in your test scene. Still no dice. 

So I tried adding in my own custom JSON file created through your dialogue creator, then the example game would instantly crash anytime I tried to load my custom JSON. 

Help please?