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Brendan Keogh

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Thank you! Just think of it more as a version of putt-putt golf :p

That's it!

Please add my game to the bundle: (the $2 'championship edition' if it has to be one or the other)

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look under ‘install instructions’ on the game page. 

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there’s instructions in the read me, and under ‘install instructions’ on the itch page. Let me know what part of that process your having trouble with and I’ll see how I can help!

hahaha i hadn't really considered that possible outcome

thanks John!

thank you!

thank you! Was very proud with how the rain turned out and that I managed to wrangle Pico-8 into making that sound

yeah I’ve got no idea how arduino works but i imagine so? You can access the code in the cart I believe so feel free to do what you wish with it. 

Skate, this is so good

weird! I don't have a Windows machine so I can't really troubleshoot that sorry. 

Thank you! Using this for a Worms-esque artillery games sounds like a great idea, actually. I'll put that on the ideas board :)

the flickering trains should be fixed now!

thank you!

That worked! Thanks a heap.

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When I unzip on mac I get a popup error from Archive Utility that says "Unable to expand "" into "Downloads". (Error 1 - Operation not permitted.)"

Thanks! I did all the art and animations in Aseprite:

Hmm I think maybe I stuffed up my zipping when I put 1.1 up and maybe put the wrong exe with the wrong data folder. Hopefully the new version I just uploaded works now. please let me know if it doesn't!