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ha yeahhhh I'm aware of that one and it's on the list, thank you! Now that BKPC is live I should have time in the next weekish to go through these posts and fix most of these. Thank you!!

No, they are fungible tokens

Urgh, thanks Noah! Need to figure this 'taking redemptions away' glitch. Hopefully have time to address all this stuff once BKPC is out. 

great thanks for letting me know!

lol why it's the whole point of the game

Oh weird. Thank you for this! I can't figure out why the backspace code isn't working, but I'll have a look. You can press 'escape' to cancel a code half-typed and it *should* be deleted next time you click on 'redeem', I think. 

You mean to find out the codes of all the characters you don't have? Hopefully not! I can do it in Gamemaker, but you shouldn't be able to do it just through the .exe. But who knows, maybe there's some hacker way to reverse engineer the codes

damn i lost my streak yesterday too and now i have all these codes haha

   i'll allow it

Whoops, edited

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Lindsey 9788: 0c0868e1

I have 15 redeems and nothing to use them on :(

okay, thanks so much! I reckon still very much my fault but might be from pressing a button at the same time something else happened (like during the random card giveaway or something). I'll investigate when i can! (Work and BKPC dominating my time atm)

okay, great. Sounding less like a bug with the 'how to give more redeems' code and more like a bug somewhere else that impacted it... SOrry for the inconvenience all the same!

Betty 4318: cb2d6d42

Oh, it looks like the streak is still saved and just the number of attempts for the day is what's missing, hey. At least that means if I can fix this, your streak should still continue...

oh goodness! So sorry about that! Please do let me know if it fixes itself or not. I'll see if I can figure out what happened at my end and update the file, but probably can't restore your streak sorry. (Though you could probably just manually edit the ini file to get some back, hopefully...)

Dollie #6614: d54a0376 is the only unique one I have today sorry (used ones in this list for all my other redeems)


i love this  😭

Lue 275: e15451bb

Mannie 2390: 1de9a605

Today I unlocked: 

Laura #5140: db4105c5

Adele #1422: 84dd0d1c

And a silver border card:

Eulah # 9615: e5b354c9

There's more in my twitter replies from people!

Please report any bugs here. I'm sure there's some!

Thank you! Just think of it more as a version of putt-putt golf :p

That's it!

Please add my game to the bundle: (the $2 'championship edition' if it has to be one or the other)

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look under ‘install instructions’ on the game page. 

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there’s instructions in the read me, and under ‘install instructions’ on the itch page. Let me know what part of that process your having trouble with and I’ll see how I can help!

hahaha i hadn't really considered that possible outcome

thanks John!

thank you!

thank you! Was very proud with how the rain turned out and that I managed to wrangle Pico-8 into making that sound

yeah I’ve got no idea how arduino works but i imagine so? You can access the code in the cart I believe so feel free to do what you wish with it. 

Skate, this is so good

weird! I don't have a Windows machine so I can't really troubleshoot that sorry. 

Thank you! Using this for a Worms-esque artillery games sounds like a great idea, actually. I'll put that on the ideas board :)

the flickering trains should be fixed now!

thank you!

That worked! Thanks a heap.

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When I unzip on mac I get a popup error from Archive Utility that says "Unable to expand "" into "Downloads". (Error 1 - Operation not permitted.)"