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It wasn’t too hard until I started falling towards the edge of the screen.

0/10 literally unplayable

Bro I don’t think this game is yours.

That kinda ruins the point, doesnt it?

I’ve done it before, it just takes extreme precision. I can patch it out if people aren’t able to do it.

I feel bad for women now.

I suppose that reddit post wasn’t satire.

Nice. Final password is REDACTED

It’s back boys. And better than ever. Button config on character select? Mwah. Beautiful. Reworked characters, a better training mode than SFV, some boppin beats for the soundtrack? Word? WORD? This is indie dev superiority at it’s finest. What’s next? GGPO rollback netcode? Can’t wait to see what’s next, this game is awesome, and already a big improvement on the previous installment.

Lonely Wolf Treat Collection when?

yo this kid is younger than me but he can code better than me… time to have an existential crisis.

Also, modding guide where?

I remember seeing your blog post on how to make a fighting game a while ago, and you mentioned your game. I looked it up and, well, you know the rest. Absolutely Brilliant!

since you have to pay a fee to put your game on steam, its pretty unlikely... but look at all the free indie games on steam anyway, those dont really care too much on the profit.


When the main character says "At least i know what I'm." it says I'm, and not I am.

Level 79. Died to a stray arrow. Hurts man.


Actually, my computer will not allow me to download this because my trash antivirus says it's a rare file. WTF