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I remember seeing your blog post on how to make a fighting game a while ago, and you mentioned your game. I looked it up and, well, you know the rest. Absolutely Brilliant!


Also, modding guide where?

Hi! Sorry for not replying in (quite a lot of time)! Had been busy with the Steam launch and such! The modding guide should be available on the Itch page too, but if it's not there, I will just drop you a link here: All currently available info can be seen here! (I'm a bit lazy, so the guide is still a long work in progress, sadly)

BTW, I'm really happy you enjoyed it :D And yes, I still remember fondly those articles! Sadly, I never managed to complete the series due to a lack of time...

Also, you can add mods to the game without the need for the Steam Workshop - the instructions in the modding kit explain all (I hope!)