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Andrea "Jens" Demetrio

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I really enjoyed the demo. It has a nice Kirby-feeling and - at the moment - has the right difficulty and already some nice variety of enemies :) The first boss fight is already interesting :) Can't wait to see more!

Created a new topic Game Mechanics

If you have a question about the game mechanics, here's the right place to start! No question is stupid, so feel at ease and ask everything you want to know!

Created a new topic Feature Request

What would you like to see in Schwarzerblitz? Here you have the possibility to tell me how the game could be improved!

Created a new topic Technical support

All the questions concerning the game setup or bug report should be posted here. Once a bug is tracked as such, I will add a separate section for it. Please, be polite and calm while exposing your problems: this will help me fix every possible issue.

Thanks for the cooperation!

Let the black lightning strike!

Hi everyone! After about one year of work, I've released the alpha version of my 3D - fighting game Schwarzerblitz! The name means "Black Lightning" in German and it's tied to the (in-development) storyline. The game has been developed in Visual C++ and based on the Irrlicht graphic engine.

The alpha release features 6 playable characters, 9 stages, Arcade Mode and Free Match mode. The game is currently in-development, so every comment and feedback would be really nice!

The game system is based on 4 buttons (Punch, Kick, Tech, and Guard) plus a special action called "Trigger". By pressing the Trigger button together with a normal move, the attack becomes guard-breaking and the time is slowed down, allowing the performer to chain longer combos. Triggers can be also used together with the guard to break an ongoing combo, thus working as a defensive manoeuvre. Each trigger action consumes a bullet counter. Every character starts a match with 6 bullet counters, which are partially replenished at the beginning of every new round.

But enough with talking, let's show you some gameplay!

That's all for the presentation post! If you want to know more details about it, just frop by at my game's page ;)

Thank you very much for the attention!

~ Andrea "Jens" Demetrio