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It’s back boys. And better than ever. Button config on character select? Mwah. Beautiful. Reworked characters, a better training mode than SFV, some boppin beats for the soundtrack? Word? WORD? This is indie dev superiority at it’s finest. What’s next? GGPO rollback netcode? Can’t wait to see what’s next, this game is awesome, and already a big improvement on the previous installment.

Thank you, great to see people enjoying the game! The first game got way more players than I anticipated, which is why I put more effort into features like training options and such. Even has hold start to pause for versus matches now! I actually put some time into researching rollback, but the game's foundation was not built for it and it's a bit above the scope of this project. I will focus on completing the campaign for now. GGPO would be really cool though xD