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It's possible. I've had a couple people ask for that kind of thing. Just a matter of when to fit it in, you know/how many people would actually buy them on here.

You're welcome!

Okay new version is up (it's called Militia 1.15a) 

Let me know if it works!

Sounds good. I’ll look into it ASAP

Might be able to do that, it won’t have leaderboards though. Are there things in particular you’re looking for ? There should be a steam key included with itch purchase by the way.

1) I spent a lot of time just ruminating in my head about different ways to make the 18 cards go far while keeping the rules simple. The limitations made it so I had to keep the interest in the intersection of different cards and with the interaction with the opponent rather than MORE COOL CARD POWERS.

2) It turned out fun! My wife and I played probably 10 or so games back to back and it was nice to have a new really chill, fast-playing game like Jaipur or Lost Cities or something (but shorter!)

3) Probably not gonna take this one any farther, just because for the old "day job" I mostly focus on single player things for technical reasons (don't have to do multiplayer code for digital or produce physical things for tabletop).

Interesting idea! Brain burner.

This is the most brouge-y game I've played in the jam so far. Nice concept!

This is a super interesting mechanic! My favorite that I've played in the jam so far! Definitely have my thinking cap on now for where this mechanic can be taken...very clever!

Really cool core idea. I think this one has lots of potential as a mechanic.

I had a lot of fun with this one! Main thought: "Oh my god now I know what it's like to be a waiter".

Cool concept of switching out abilities. It would be cool if mana was more scarce or shared between each unit so you had to balance using the powerful abilities like fireball and skeleton rather than just spamming them.

Love the hyper literal name. Also nice choice and consistency of color use. It feels pretty weird when you take damage randomly from some levers but need other ones in order to make progress.

Interesting idea. I thought the move every other turn explode on hit guy was a cool baddie. Love the tunes. I don't think I can rate without having participated in the jam though? The button isn't showing up.

Really like this one! Very cool minimal art style, great music, and interesting mechanics. With a few randomized abilities and map layouts + a couple monster types and a single-player ladder, this one would be a knockout premium game :).

Probably if you click when then enemies are taking their turn it should speed it up 10x until your turn.

Should be on the Milita: Dark World page for you at the top if you have redeemed it here on

If it isn't, take a quick screenshot and send me an email at braingoodgames (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll get you sorted out! :)