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You have been expelled from your very own body
Submitted by benob — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
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  • Wonderful little game! I love the overall feel of it. The possession mechanic is super fun. Very few bugs (spells don't take time to cast, and don't cost any mana) which made the game a bit easy, but I had a wonderful time playing it.

  • Some assorted thoughts on this great entry:

    • The interface is clean and very easy to pick up, with very few keys to worry about and a nice succinct tutorial screen.
    • The central mechanic of possessing people is great. I think playing as various different monsters is kind of every rogueliker's dream come true, and it's done in a good way here by giving various different interesting abilities to the different monsters.
    • One cool property of the possession gameplay is that it avoids the whole hit point regen discussion: it's okay that your hit points never recover, because you can just dump this body for a new one anyway. Taking that a step further, it can even be a good idea to let your intended future body beat you within an inch of your life, so that you can kill your old self easily after switching. Cool stuff.
    • It's cool that enemies start to run away when they're losing a fight. It can end up being a bit of busywork to chase them down to the end of a hallway, but then again, you don't have to kill them (or often fight them in the first place), since there are no experience points or loot from enemies.
    • The "level feelings" are a nice touch.
    • The possession cooldown is a bit half-baked in that you can usually just wiggle back and forth in place to get rid of it, no matter how long it is. I think either it needs be based on something besides the passage of time, or there needs to be something putting pressure on the player to not waste time.
    • I'd often "hear combat in the distance" and would often encounter enemies who were missing a lot of hit points, which gave a cool feeling of the dungeon being alive around me.
    • It's fun to have to do stuff like possess a fire elemental to traverse a river of lava.
    • I think the balance could use a little work in that most of the game doesn't exactly feel like I'm being challenged or having to use much strategy; it's a pretty straightforward continuous series of jumping from one enemy to another until I find the stairs (and usually end up dying because of going on autopilot and not paying attention at the wrong moment).
  • Excellent, well done! The game feels very polished and balanced. The aesthetics are very clear especially when you can possess again. I definitely would have missed out if I hadn't play this fun game. We've seen this mechanic in other roguelikes but it's still a neat, innovative twist on the usual mechanics. I was completely surprised by the amount of content considering it's a jam, especially the different abilities of some of the monsters. This is definitely a roguelike and I hope you advertise it so more people can play it.

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Cool concept of switching out abilities. It would be cool if mana was more scarce or shared between each unit so you had to balance using the powerful abilities like fireball and skeleton rather than just spamming them.