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time for another replay of my longtime favourite! i just finished replaying chapter 2, i love all the changes like the BIG YELLY TEXT and the oc designs!  man i can't believe i've been playing and replaying this game for years now. love that the series is now in one file too!

there is a small issue with at the end of chapter 2, when eleni says the ritual is ready and i say yeah i wanna come watch, the chapter just ends? not sure if that was supposed to happen or not. would love to replay eleni and kamilla meeting!

love the new demo!! i played the old one awhile back, loved the concept, and art but a little confused on how to make the drinks according to the game's menu as there were no instructions, so the new phone with apps including brewpad is really useful! loooove the soundtrack too, really enjoyed being able to change to a song of my choice out of the ones available on the shufflemusic app.

a little confused on how to control the latte art - i'm a barista and make latte art on the reg, and i can't work out how to get it looking nice in this game! i'm guessing baileys will be a bit snide about the latte art no matter how it looks, but i'd love a guide on how to make latte art in this game!

i ADORE freya - i don't remember her from the old demo so i'm guessing she's a new character? she moves the story along really well, i think having her as a regular customer and having her interact with the barista in such a familiar manner really sets the scene and gives the cafe a lot of personality and history. 

really enjoyed playing this, and excited for more to come!

Oh my god I adore this game. It's so cute and so gay and so Asian!! All me things!! Thank you for this awesome multifaceted representation. I'm in love with this art style and the dialogue! 

Also excited abt the traditional chinese vers, i'm gonna play that next to practice my Chinese. and wow how often do u get gay/bi gal content in Chinese??? So excited as a Chinese diaspora!

Min and Diya are so cuuuute!!!!! And I love Akarsha and how funny she is but how the game doesn't shy away from her insecurity too. And I love Noelle and her strength as she tries to defy her parents and argue back against them, and her making friends. 

Also love the anxiety rep from Diya, and the "odd" traits that I can rlly relate to, and I love that she's portrayed as so loved and fiercely protected by her friends. Kinda makes me feel loved too. 

All in all, this is one of my new faves! <3

Btw, where can i buy this art pdf? Ur shop link doesn't seem to work :( and i wanna support ur awesome art!

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i love the pixel art!! also the music gives a good coffeeshop vibe. i'm a little confused about the brewing drinks, i can't seem to get the drinks right (other than hot chocolate) and i don't know what i'm doing wrong! any hints?

would love to see this further developed!! awesome work <3

!!! i'm super SUPER excited, have fun making it!!! :D

i think the idea is that boreas (the travelling rabbit) was too tired and lacked the energy to move to the tree himself. it was a little strange, but there was an explanation given. maybe trick finished the trail mix as their journey was pretty long? or maybe they were sticking to their original plan of sharing the trail mix with treat and didn't want to give it to boreas.

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oh my god, this is my favourite game series!!! i've been playing since lonely wolf treat was the only one out and this series means a lot to me. i've loved every single game - from the characters, to the gameplay, to the art, to the's all been such a wonderful experience.

i'm so happy wandering wolf trick got released!!! i love that they're called trick and then she's called treat :') i loved getting to find out more about characters i'd already met in friendly bunny mochi and clever fox moxie, but i was so excited to meet a new character! i loved all the flashback scenes - it was a different and new, and also the pink/red tint was very aesethically pleasing. i loved exploring all the different places as trick, and i loved re-seeing characters like chai, salt, pepper, the mouse we saw before outside frosting in clever fox moxie (that cult thing was a plot twist, whoa :0) and visiting towns we'd heard of like ginseng. i also loved meeting other new characters other than trick - mango, castella (i hope she and mango get to see each other again!), moxie's mum!!

i'm guessing that juju is mango and castella's daughter. are we going to see more of her and learn more about her life in a future instalment??

also wanted to say thanks for making characters who use they pronouns! as someone who uses they pronouns, this meant a lot to me.

anyway, i absolutely love your work Nami!! i've played quite a few of your other games too, but the Lonely Wolf Treat series holds a special place in my heart, thank you so much for creating it, everyone involved has done an amazing brilliant wonderful job. i think i've tipped you before but i'll definitely be tipping more, as your work is amazing and beautiful and one of a kind, and you've clearly poured so much heart and soul into your work. i wish you the best!! looking forward to seeing more of your work :-) <3

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oh my god, i love this game!!!

first of all, beautiful art. the characters are wonderfully designed and drawn, from their physicalities to their clothes to their facial expressions. the design of the buttons, the text, etc is also gorgeous. i love it so much, it's so nice to look at and really fits in with the rest of the game.

secondly, brilliant functionality. really thorough explanation at the beginning of the works of the game which was super handy. and i love how there's quicksave functions as well as regular save, how you can click the mouse or press the spacebar or the return button (my favourite is spacebar and i dislike clicking the mouse to continue - but everyone has different preferences so i really appreciate that you made sure there were options!). i love how there's a screenshot function.

thirdly, amazing job with historical accuracy. i love the glossary! it's so useful for comprehension while maintaining historically accurate vocabulary, and your definitions alongside your witty comments make me laugh!

fourthly, excellent music! it really added to the feel of the game and imo, perfectly matched the different scenes and situations. and it felt very 20s so that helped add to the historical setting. i don't really know what else to say about it other than AAAA I REALLY LIKED IT bc i have no idea what i;m doing when it comes to music, but oh my god, amazing job.

and last but certainly not least (probably actually most!), is the fantastic characterisation and gameplay. i believe i've played all the alexei as mentor routes now (and am in love with him), and have yet to explore the other routes, but i have been having an absolute blast!! this is so fun, the concept is very original, the plot is super engaging, the dialogue is brilliantly written and incredibly entertaining. i love all the characters and they all feel really real and multi-dimensional! and i love hearing their backstories, which again, are really well written.

tagging on from that, great representation! thanks for making a chinese protag! i haven't come across many games with chinese characters let alone a chinese protag, and as a chinese diaspora this means a lot to me. plus i love the inclusion of a trans character despite it not being core to the game!! only thing i might critique about the writing of marie was the language aroun "being born in the wrong body", but then that is the experience of many trans people, just not all, and you didn't imply that it was all. perhaps you could make it clearer that it is not the experience of all trans people? (speaking as a trans person) although i realise it might be harder to weave that into the game now, but just suggesting this for future reference.

anyway, thank you so much for creating this amazing gem of a game!! i can't believe you've offered it initially for free with pay-what-you-want, it's very generous of you to do so when the game has clearly had a whole lot of heart, soul, time, effort, and energy into it! i will definitely be tipping, and hopefully tipping more once i have more money because i genuinely believe this game is worth it and would like to thank you for this amazing, wonderful gaming experience!!

this was really good aaaaaaaaa!! i really enjoyed playing this :)

oh my god i absolutely loved this game!!! i played the demo before and i'm so so happy you made a full version!!! this game made me really happy. I loved the plot, the characters (Jett, and Toa, and of course Irene!), the visuals, the feature where you can switch between characters, using Toa's Gift...aaahhhh it was just all so good and i love it! (plus i was having a rough day and this made it x100 better) <3

Loved this game!! Really fun, great visuals. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer, I didn't want it to end! Was there just the single ending?

Really enjoyed this demo! I love the concept and would love to play an expanded version! I also really like the visuals and the sound effects.

This is so cute!! I loved playing this novel so much! The background music went well with the visuals, and I love the artwork!!

I'd love to see more of these characters in a series!! It'd be great to hear more about Kaede, she's so lovable and since she wasn't a main character in this story, we didn't get to know much about her.

I loved this! Everything from the dialogue and the characters to the art and the soundtrack were so calming and lovely and creative and wonderful. This made me have mushy gay feelings. I adore Revek and Galine together!!

Also, if you don't mind me asking (idk if this is a spoiler-y thing or not), how many possible endings to this game are there? I want to have played all the routes and I think I have but I'm not sure.

I adored this game!! Really fun and I love the dialogue between Jett and Toa <3 really looking forward to the release of the full version, and seeing more relationship development and interesting gameplay! I liked that the strategy parts of the game weren't impossible, but a few of them stumped me for a while and really got me thinking. I also love the art and the colour palettes in this game! Thank you so much for making this, Four Eyes makes me very happy :-)