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oh my god, this is my favourite game series!!! i've been playing since lonely wolf treat was the only one out and this series means a lot to me. i've loved every single game - from the characters, to the gameplay, to the art, to the music...it's all been such a wonderful experience.

i'm so happy wandering wolf trick got released!!! i love that they're called trick and then she's called treat :') i loved getting to find out more about characters i'd already met in friendly bunny mochi and clever fox moxie, but i was so excited to meet a new character! i loved all the flashback scenes - it was a different and new, and also the pink/red tint was very aesethically pleasing. i loved exploring all the different places as trick, and i loved re-seeing characters like chai, salt, pepper, the mouse we saw before outside frosting in clever fox moxie (that cult thing was a plot twist, whoa :0) and visiting towns we'd heard of like ginseng. i also loved meeting other new characters other than trick - mango, castella (i hope she and mango get to see each other again!), moxie's mum!!

i'm guessing that juju is mango and castella's daughter. are we going to see more of her and learn more about her life in a future instalment??

also wanted to say thanks for making characters who use they pronouns! as someone who uses they pronouns, this meant a lot to me.

anyway, i absolutely love your work Nami!! i've played quite a few of your other games too, but the Lonely Wolf Treat series holds a special place in my heart, thank you so much for creating it, everyone involved has done an amazing brilliant wonderful job. i think i've tipped you before but i'll definitely be tipping more, as your work is amazing and beautiful and one of a kind, and you've clearly poured so much heart and soul into your work. i wish you the best!! looking forward to seeing more of your work :-) <3


wow thank you so much for all this!!!! seeing people talk about all the parts they like in detail always makes me think "you're the kind of person i'm making this for" haha. i can't wait to make the next one! there will certainly be more expanded backstory stuff and plenty of new characters to love too <3 I LOVE MAKING THEM!!!

!!! i'm super SUPER excited, have fun making it!!! :D