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I loved this! Everything from the dialogue and the characters to the art and the soundtrack were so calming and lovely and creative and wonderful. This made me have mushy gay feelings. I adore Revek and Galine together!!

Also, if you don't mind me asking (idk if this is a spoiler-y thing or not), how many possible endings to this game are there? I want to have played all the routes and I think I have but I'm not sure.


Thank you for your kind comment, this was wonderful to wake up to! (also, I love your username!) I'm really glad I achieved my goals of a calming and mushy gay game! >w<

And I don't mind at all! There are 3 possible endings: one with Revek, one with Vals, and one where you don't don't date either one of them. Out of all the choices in the game, only two change the route direction. (The others are just for alternate dialogues/learning more about the characters)