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Oh! I just realized a mistake in the HTML build. The instructions aren't updated in that version, so it doesn't tell you how to sprint (Hold CTRL/SHIFT to Sprint). With sprinting, catching up to the intruder shouldn't be near-impossible.
(another tip is to place tripwires in locations the thief is likely to cross!)

EDIT: I've just added the instructions for SPRINTING in the description below the game.

That's a great idea!! I'd love to give this game multiplayer functionality in the future, in addition to some new levels (with increased difficulty!) I'll probably continue development after the jam ends.

I intended for the easy difficulty to be the starting point for people who are new to the game. Perhaps I could've labeled it as "beginner."

I'm aware of that bug, and it's purely a visual one. The line drawer doesn't function properly on HTML, which I'm still trying to figure out...

That's a strange bug, sorry about that. I'll figure out a fix after the jam ends!

I enjoyed it, but it was a little repetitive at times. I liked the dash slowdown, but the dash itself could've been a little less stiff.

It could use a little more juice, and I think some screen shake + effects would really impact the feel of the game (perhaps at the cost of the simple visuals). It was nice to play, although it lacked in originality and could've worked around the theme a little better.

I really enjoyed the hand-drawn visuals, and I really like the theme!
This game as a lot of potential, but more time could've been put into gameplay.
(also, I think the screen-shake is almost too high.)

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Sure, I'm playing yours right now. Check mine out!

Thanks for catching this bug! Sorry, the web version is prone to weird visual bugs like this, and I hope I can get them fixed after the jam ends.

I really love the art of this game, and the gameplay was incredibly solid. Overall, this was incredibly polished and was really well executed!

I really loved the art, although the title screen and some text looked relatively unpolished.

I really like the concept of the game, but the implementation of dice doesn't add anything to it, you just reroll until you get the dice you want, and it feels like it was shoehorned into a game that would work fine without it.

The game isn't fully functioning, but what's there still isn't doesn't work very well. I like the weapon switching idea, but if you get two weapons you like, there isn't much of an incentive to switch them. The artwork looks nice on a surface level, but it lacks cohesion because the asset pack art is mixed in with the basic no-outline guns and the placeholder-looking bullets. (also, the player character just rotates to look at the mouse, and it doesn't look great.) There's no audio in the game whatsoever, and the overall experience is pretty flat.

The sling mechanic is very hard to use (and basically impossible to use in some areas), and I think that the air movement is way too hard to control with the other abilities. The concept's neat and makes every playthrough different, but it's really hard to complete one when the game's so hard to control.

The music was pretty good, although the art is pretty rough. My main feedback is that the player doesn't have much of a choice in combat, which makes it very dull. It's basically impossible to lose the game, and winning the game is as simple as pressing a button without any thought.

Remember to completely read the How to Play on the title screen!
(you can access this from the corresponding button there)

While the use of the limitation was a bit of stretch, there wasn't much you could do with a simple physical game that didn't take much to set up. The idea of that was pretty neat, in that sense.

I must've accidentally messed with the HTML version of the game when I uploaded the version for Windows. Can you try to see if the game loads for you now?

 I chose mouse controls because deeper zones required quicker and more precise aim, and the goal was to give the player a control scheme that could give the player that. Having it be keyboard controlled makes it quite hard to aim where you want it to go, because locking it to eight directions and having it attached to the movement keys was surprisingly clunky.

Because some graphics processing didn't initially work for the HTML build (I was using GLES3 and it's way too transparent there), the way I made the UI didn't work properly. I didn't notice that until after I submitted the HTML export, so it was a quick fix.

I've never seen that in the generation of the level before, so perhaps I'll look into that.

Upgrades is a thing I only sorta had in the game, as they were randomized and only dropped in boxes (there wasn't a clear indication either, but I managed to fix that), so maybe finding a better was to incorporate that would be beneficial.

I really like the direction of the graphics in the game. As many people have said, the controls are a bit clunky (maybe set the directions to arrow keys or WASD instead) but I overall enjoyed the game!

Yeah, the organic generation wasn't very optimized, so it has some trouble running on the web. And I guess the roguelike aspect of it makes it incredibly difficult, as all progression had to be ended when you died (this is why I prefer roguelites over this). I'm glad that you took the time to get to the last level, though!

I only noticed procedural generation and the emphasis on one-run progression. Can I have pointers for more roguelike aspects of the game?

The vacuum is indeed a little weak, and I didn't have time to properly balance the battery with it. I'll definitely make sure to deal with that in the next update. (I also want to add hit flash and knockback to make the duster a little more impactful)

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maybe I should've checked the time zone on my computer

I was planning to use the tractor beam as a sort of grappling hook.

Yeah, that was an issue when porting to html, for some reason. I'll be sure to figure out the bug and patch it out later.

because i think i need to see a doctor.

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I like your game's mechanics. The physics should maybe be a bit more snappy, however, as I found the overall game feel slightly slippery.

Yeah, I noticed that too. I had changed the environment last minute and it must've changed the sky colors. I'll definitely keep that in mind when releasing a patch after the ratings.

I enjoyed this game. The controls took a bit of time to get used to, so maybe using space to glide in midair instead of holding the arrow keys might improve the experience a bit.

This game doesn't seem to work (for Windows, at least), as it needs UnityPlayer.dll and other things found in a Unity export to work.

This game has a great concept. However, there could be a little improvements here and there, like how the sprites, especially the tiles, appear blurry. I have little experience in Unity, but I think you might find a good solution to that here.

Funny, this game reminds me a bit of the Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 theme, "Rewind."