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I really like this one, It had a nice and simple concept and it feels so satisfying to drive recklessly. The controls feel slippery and it sometimes helps and sometimes it doesn't. Really good entry.

It's a simple and unique art style, I like the story behind the game. One annoying thing I have encountered is that the demons can quickly change back from breaking the rules to being still, which can be punishing if you click mid-change and thus the demon will cry.
Overall, it's a nice entry.

Thank you for your comment. Glad you liked it.

When first playing, I understood you were supposed to find the errors in the card and then burn them, but what was the purpose of the pack in the right corner? I thought you had to place the card with no errors in them but that was not the case. The concept is pretty nice and the art is good.

I really enjoyed playing this game, I didn't get very far because it does get a bit hard after a while.  The controller feels very responsive, although I didn't get used to dashing upwards, I always jumped and pressed dash which isn't gonna make me dash. Overall it's a nice concept and a really good entry.

It's an interesting take on tic tac toe. The music is "interesting" to say the least. It's a nice game to play with a friend. Keep it up, very fun.

The atmosphere and aesthetic of the game are really cool, it kinda got me creeped out.  It was very confusing from time to time how to exactly beat the chapter, I only got to the Garden chapter. I also like the dynamic and friendship between Kit and Squik.

The art style is really good, I like the rubber hose style. The limitation usage is decent. For a first game, this is pretty entry.

I really like the idea and concept of this game, hacking the game to proceed. My only issue was that I sometimes forgot the code I needed to type and thus I got stuck. I would've liked if a part of UI would show/remind the player of all the hacks they can type. But it's a really solid and good game, I like it.

I was very confused about what to do exactly and it seemed like the main mechanic; researching the different people didn't really work for me.  Maybe if there was a bit of explanation on how to research. I did like the context that you have to investigate the murder. I'm also a bit confused about how it functions and the limitation; what were the rules and how was it broken?

Overall, a bit confusing but keep it up!

The glitchy look did make the game feel unique, but also difficult to see the text. The game is kinda hard for beginners, but after playing for a while, it becomes competitive fun. 

Game was very fun to play. I liked the small minigame that would enable you to change gravity. I did find the keys to use pretty weird, Enter and Shift. The jumping did feel a bit weird, it was momentum based which feels off since you'd want to have full control over your jumping, especially with tight platforming. 

Overall, a good entry. Keep it up!

Hello everybody!

Me and a friend of mine has submitted our entry to this mini jam, you can find it right here:

Today, to celebrate all the entries, I'll be playing to stream them live on my Twitch:

If you want me to play your game on stream and give you live feedback and enjoyment, link your games down here in the comments.

The stream starts at 7:30 PM CEST, hope to see you all 

It took me a bit to understand some of the cards, but overall: An fantastic game!

I really love the game. Very nice visuals. 

Sometimes the card enemies move, despite it being a corpse.

But a very good game, nonetheless.

This game is very fun.

The online feature was amazing and worked very well.