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Oh I didn't realize NTT was still being worked on. Awesome :) 

Oooh wow I'm excited! Are there gonna be any performance improvements by chance? I run the game at 60 fps using Nuclear Throne Together, and whenever any of the new enemies come on screen, or i enter one of the new areas, the frame rate tanks down to like the mid 40's. I know the game is based around 30 fps, and it's kind of more engine limitations from what i understand, but I'm still hoping for some improvements. But either way, still excited for the update! Thanks for replying man :) 

Hey, I just wanted to say that this artwork is stunning, and that I look forward to playing your game :) 

Hey Yokin, was curious when the next update was going to be. Loving the content so far :)

NT:TE community · Posted in Bugs

Hey, got a better shot of the Immortal Bat glitch in case you wanted it. Still loving this, finding new stuff all the time :)

NT:TE community · Replied to Yokin in Bugs

Cool, thanks :) 

NT:TE community · Posted in Bugs

Hey, just got to the bosses in the new 2 - Pizza section, and beat them. After I beat them there was an enemy, picture attached, still alive that would not die. I pumped like 10 bolts, a dozen grenades, and lots of bullets into him, and he eventually killed me. Don't know if this is a bug or if there was a secret way you're supposed to kill him? He was shouting at me and this big like shockwave thing kept blowing up around him. Anyway, thanks again, that level blew my mind lol :) 

NT:TE community · Posted in Bugs

Hey, just downloaded this, fantastic work by everyone involved. I've noticed that enemies can occasionally be seen on top of the walls,  and they can jump down off of the walls to attack you. Clearly this is working as designed. I don't think that Chests and Rad Canisters are supposed to get stuck in the wall though, unless you're meant to blow the walls up to get to them? I've only noticed this happening in Desert, but there could be more instances of this on other levels; I've only played for like 30 minutes. Also I am also noticing lag, but I'm sure that's expected and it's not too bad. Thanks again for this, I'll be sure to submit any more bugs I find, and take screenshots as well.