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Hey Yokin, was curious when the next update was going to be. Loving the content so far :)

Maybe in a couple weeks or so, hard to say exactly 😳 it will be epic though

Oooh wow I'm excited! Are there gonna be any performance improvements by chance? I run the game at 60 fps using Nuclear Throne Together, and whenever any of the new enemies come on screen, or i enter one of the new areas, the frame rate tanks down to like the mid 40's. I know the game is based around 30 fps, and it's kind of more engine limitations from what i understand, but I'm still hoping for some improvements. But either way, still excited for the update! Thanks for replying man :) 

Yeah the next update should be a lot more performant, especially along the main route areas

& there should be a big performance boost overall when the GMS2 version of NTT is eventually finished and NTTE is updated to work on that

Oh I didn't realize NTT was still being worked on. Awesome :)