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Entirely taken by this VN from the moment shit hits the fan, so to speak. Was a lovely, gripping and bittersweet read. Horror otome feels very rare, so I'm genuinely thankful to have found this by chance. I can't wait to recommend it to friends with similar tastes.

I did not expect to love Mothdude so much at first glance, but I'm absolutely smitten. The story, visuals and soundtrack are exceptionally charming. I don't have the right words to explain just how much I enjoyed this kinetic novel. Every single moment of playing it was a joy.

Thanks for sharing. 

Just like the last commenter, really impressed with the polish in the game systems. The combat system isn't too hard as to be frustrating at the normal level and isn't so easy as to be boring. Kudos!

I loved seeing the relationship develop between our two leads- the pet names are a personal favourite. I really loved Dianthus' design as well

Captivating!! I was already way into this concept because hellooooo monster boys but the script has an incredible charm from the get go and the sprite + cg work is lovely. Kaito's design is a marriage of a lot of things I love so I might be heavily biased but uuuu I care him....

Hungry for more of him and more of this world. Looking forward to future content from the team. 

Love a game with a rampant amount of enjoyable bad endings and that's only one of many elements there is to love in Limbo Line.

There's fun dialogue, good intrigue and a good amount of replay value. The extra interactive elements and optional side stories were very cool, it's easy to see the work that the team put into this. I really loved Kiol and Nyari's voice actors performances as well.

For some reason, sometimes when I went to save the game it would often freeze up and I'd have to restart it (happened the most when overwriting a save,) but no real complaints outside of that.

Started reading this VN and couldn't put it down until I reached the end. Lovely sound design and performance from the voice actors. Really enjoyed Lisa and Dale's interactions.

Delightfully eerie!

The game seems interesting and I liked the characters from what little time we have with them thusfar. Really enjoy the character design for Grimm in particular. Evidently, there isn't much to it yet but I'm looking forward to when you have the time to complete it.

The beginning of this game is... a bit of a slog. A lot of the early setup feels like unnecessary throwaway that only manage to slow down the pacing and prevent immersion. The MC feels rather unlikeable from the get-go, which might just be the consequence of all the flimsy beginning monologuing, strangely worded sentences and grammatical errors (at least in the English script.) 

However, I really love the artistic direction when it comes to the MC. Her distraught expression is one of my favourite and the artists style really compliments these goofier, humorous elements. The coffin asset used in the GUI is extremely charming as well. 

The story increases in quality noticeably as soon as the rest of the cast is introduced and the MC has someone to bounce dialogue off. The initial meet-and-greet scene is a little rough, but it gets better as you get to the one-on-one conversations. There are some genuinely interesting concepts and endearing character moments from the boys, but as Cooby says, "If only you had more time [with us]."  

There is no time to build on these stronger moments because at the end of the day, this is a short spin-off of another game. It is alluded that you could have more time with them in another life... it's very evident it means in the main material.

Unfortunately, for someone who has not played that material and doesn't already have an attachment to any of these characters, at the end of the day it does not leave a very strong impression. 

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The performance from the voice actors is possibly the most stand-out element of this kinetic novel as nearly every character is well cast and delivering an excellent performance. It was easy to see the work put into making this novel a pleasant audio experience. Some story threads remaining unsolved felt a little unsatisfying, but I enjoyed getting immersed in the tail of this tragic duo. 

The wordless dialogue niche of Ghost Switch is very creative and simple enough to work... most of the time. Unfortunately there were segments of the characters dialogue that were downright undecipherable to me. I'm still unsure what the butterfly emoji was supposed to convey.

That aside, the story concept has a charm to it, as does the colourful art style. The animation they were able to incorporate is unique for the medium, if not a little disorientating in certain parts. I enjoyed the Undertale-esque approach to the sound design.

I hope the devs will keep pushing the VN envelope and playing around with the medium in the future, albeit perhaps with a bit more clarity. 

Really enjoyed the art and the atmosphere of this game. Always fun to see a non-linear storyline. Thanks for sharing.

Silver Thread is a game that caught my interest from the get-go with it's lovely pixel art and muted palette. I've always enjoyed the pixel rpg-maker aesthetic and had fun poking around the environment in this short romp.

The banter between Beaford and Alicia is fun and the characters themselves are quite endearing. The game evidently doesn't take itself too seriously, which allows for some well executed gags. The music chosen for the game was noticeably good, sometimes in VNs I'll mute sounds outside of voices or SFX but did not have to for Silver Thread.

I am wholeheartedly looking forward to the sequel and seeing more of this paranormal duo.

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I've seen this game discussed in a few circles I'm in recently and finally sat down to give it a spin for myself today. The game... is very evidently in alpha: grammatical errors, wordy and unclear descriptions, sections of text that seemed like they were supposed to be removed but were forgotten about and an overbearing amount of poorly-applied metaphors.

 It's hard to tell if the script was proofread before being released to a general audience, although understandably this was probably put together within a short period of time for the Jam. These issues do render the first chunk of this game into a un-immersive slogfest that nearly made me quit. 

I stubbornly pushed through because I wanted to see if I couldn't find something to endear me to the game like my acquaintances seemed to be. After finishing a playthrough of the game (Mage ending) I can confidently say that there are some genuinely endearing lines and moments in this game. The characters working together to tackle their issues are probably the strongest moments in the game.

There is an endearing story at the core of Hearts & Hexes that suffers from clumsy execution.

I look forward to giving it another spin when it is out of alpha.

I sat down last night after getting a recommendation to play this game and unhinged my jaw and inhaled it all like a fucked up snake. It was delicious tyvm

NO BUT REALLY!!! The feeling of a discord server was so well captured and I loved all the unique faces in it. Each route was short and sweet and sooooo so cute.... It's ironic that Toasty compliments your laugh when his is literally the cutest sound I've ever heard. I'm going to be rotating this game in my head like it's stuck in a washing machine for months, thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing this story with us.